Searching Towards Bethlehem

Microsoft Asks ‘Are You Being Scroogled?’ in Hilariously Melodramatic Anti-Google Campaign

Grrr! (Screencap: Scroogled)

Bing still trails far behind Google in search engine rankings, and Microsoft is just not having any of it. After launching Bing It On, a test that attempted to show that Bing occasionally surfaces better search results than Google, Microsoft has introduced its newest attack on the GOOG: an anti-Google Shopping site called Scroogled. Get it? Like Screw + Google? Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

Rapper 2 Chainz Isn’t Above a Bit of Search Engine Optimization


In the latest (and possibly last) edition of Spin (which isn’t online yet), there’s a brief “Words of Wisdom” profile with rapper and Nicki Minaj collaborator 2 Chainz, where he makes a confession about his early attempts at self-promotion. His strategy? To work with other, more famous rappers, and thereby become “part of their Google.” He elaborates:

“I would also try to be a part of their Google. Like when you Google Gucci Mane, Rocko, Gorilla Zoe, anyone in Atlanta–basically everybody except Outkast. I kept that same concept outside of Georgia. Every artist that wanted to work with me, I would do a verse with ‘em.”

By the laws of the Internet, you, sir, are now qualified to add “brand evangelist” to your Twitter bio.

Spam or Not?

Does Tumblr Have a Spam Bot Problem?


Is Tumblr a pageview party, or a can o’ spam? We almost missed this weekend discussion sparked by a post by Croatian blogger Sven Duplić about the percentage of Tumblr users that are spam-o-bots. And we’re not talking about the lovable TumblrBot–we’re talking about that cute girl who has never posted to her blog but seems to love everything you write. “On my blog, the precentage of bot-visitors are, by my judgement, is as high as 2/3,” Mr. Duplić wrote. Read More

New Science

The 7 Stages of Internet Grief


This is a post by Matt Langer that originally appeared on his blog.

1. People tweet about dead celebrity

2. People tweet about what dead celebrity meant to them

3. People tweet insensitive jokes about dead celebrity

4. People tweet about how it’s too soon to be tweeting insensitive jokes about dead celebrity

5. People tweet about how other people tweeting about dead celebrity aren’t tweeting the right way about dead celebrity

6. People tweet about how people tweeting about dead celebrity should instead be tweeting about recent tragedy

7. People tweet about how people who tweet about how people tweeting about dead celebrity should instead be tweeting about recent tragedy are assholes