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Woman’s Selfie With Stolen Dress Gets Her Arrested

Dummy. (Photo: KFVS)

When will criminals ever learn?

Over the weekend, the owners of Mortie’s Boutique in Illinois said their store was robbed of a rather distinctive “leopard color dress.” The store’s surveillance video showed a woman breaking into the store and taking several items, including that dress. So, they made a Facebook post to ask if anyone in the apparently small town of West Frankfort had seen the dress. Read More

Selfie Nation

Spanish Police On the Hunt for Insane Man Who Took Selfie In Front of Charging Bull

Getty Images

Spanish police are searching for a man who took an idiotic selfie in front of a charging bull.

Police say the man slowed down deliberately in front of the half-ton beast so he could take the picture and (most likely) impress his friends about how daring and edgy he is. Per a picture captured by Getty Images, local authorities are searching for a bearded man spotted a wearing a red sweater and white pants. Uh, good luck? Read More

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Selfie Denied: UK Trains Polling Staff to Stop Voting Booth Selfies

No filter (Flickr).

Selfie nation is going to the polls.

Fearing that voters in today’s elections might accidentally reveal the contents of their ballots, the UK’s Electoral Commission is taking serious steps to stop people from taking so many gosh darn selfies in their voting booths, the BBC reports.

Although taking photos in the voting booth technically isn’t against the law, the Electoral Commission fears posting the photos to social media could compromise the anonymity of the secret ballot — an act that is punishable by law.  Read More


WTF: Woman Takes Selfie With Suicidal Man on Brooklyn Bridge in Background

The Brooklyn Bridge in chiller times. (Photo: Getty)

Betabeat’s twisted sense of humor is rivaled only by our love of selfies, and even we wouldn’t do this.

Yesterday, a crowd gathered in view of the Brooklyn Bridge when an apparently suicidal man was being coaxed by police into stepping away from the edge. A New York Post photog was on the scene when he caught a woman whipping out her iPhone and getting her selfie on, with the cops and the distraught man in the background (click through for a pic of the selfie enthusiast). Read More