WTF: Woman Takes Selfie With Suicidal Man on Brooklyn Bridge in Background

The Brooklyn Bridge in chiller times. (Photo: Getty)

Betabeat’s twisted sense of humor is rivaled only by our love of selfies, and even we wouldn’t do this.

Yesterday, a crowd gathered in view of the Brooklyn Bridge when an apparently suicidal man was being coaxed by police into stepping away from the edge. A New York Post photog was on the scene when he caught a woman whipping out her iPhone and getting her selfie on, with the cops and the distraught man in the background (click through for a pic of the selfie enthusiast). Read More


Booting Up: ‘Selfie’ Named Word of the Year, But At Least It’s Not ‘Moist’

SELFIE (Photo: Celebuzz)

Starting today, Uber passengers can now pay for their rides using PayPal. [GigaOM]

We’d love to be at the meeting between the RapGenius guys and the songwriters’ group accusing them of stealing their work. [The Wrap]

The usage of the word “selfie” shot up 17,000% since two years ago with the Instagram accounts of Betabeat’s staff accounting for half of that. [USA Today]

If you have all of your 401(k) invested in Bitcoins, yesterday was a worrying time since it lost nearly $300 of its value in a half hour. [GeekWire]

The founders of Myspace blame Rupert Murdoch for destroying the site and nothing else. [Huffington Post]

Jesus died for our selfies

Voters in the Philippines Politely Reminded It’s Illegal to Take Selfies With Completed Ballots

Allowed. (Photo: WNYC/ @SladeHV)

It doesn’t look like the #VoterSelfies movement is going to sweep the Philippines anytime soon. Ahead of today’s elections, the country’s Commissions of Elections reminded voters that it’s illegal to take pictures of completed ballots and laid out guidelines as to when it the requisite selfie is allowed.

Voting laws state that making copies or identifying who someone voted for, which a completed ballot selfie falls under, is prohibited in the country.  Read More