Quantify Me

Meet Status Chart, Porn for Self-Quantifiers

Mr. Kennedy

You may remember dev-of-all-trades Chris Kennedy from Betabeat’s spring most poachable players in tech list. Turns out that Mr. Kennedy’s skills are so manifold that he needed to develop an updated version of the tired old resume to better list them. The result is Status Chart, which has already hit the front page of Hacker News, gaining the esteem of productivity-obsessed programmers.

Status Chart is a clean, simple way to display all of the jobs, projects, hackathons and accolades that make you who you are. For avid self-quantifiers, it might get you a little hot under the Fuelband, so NSFW and all that. Read More

Perchance to Dream

Sleeper Sell! No Rest for City’s Techies as ‘Lucid Dreaming’ Gets Trendy

Mr. McGuigan (left) and Mr. Frazier from Bitbanger Labs

There are only two rules for the “idea dinners” held by New York early-stage investment firm ff Venture Capital. No side conversations and a strict 8 p.m. end time. Every month, the company invites financiers, founders and other “influencers” to its Midtown headquarters for a catered get-together. The meal is served in a glass-walled conference room, situated just past the rows of adjustable standing desks, where it’s not unusual to see startup employees cranking out code well past dessert.

The conversation often focuses on tech-oriented subjects, but this February, as the group fired questions at veteran investor Esther Dyson, the discussion turned to the subconscious. Read More

Welcome to New Fit City

Gadgets Move You Closer to the Self-Quantified Life


Wow, bikini season really has a way of synchronizing brain waves. Farhad Manjoo has an article in The New York Times today about the futuristic gadgets on the market that help you self-quantify your way to better health. Betabeat touched on the same thing in our feature about New York’s 4 Hour Body craze. Mr. Manjoo tested out some of the devices we mentioned, including Fitbit and the Withings Wi-Fi scale, as well as MyTrek, Withings blood pressure cuff, a blood pressure monitor by iHealth, and the Exergen TemporalScanner, which he uses to measure his kid’s temperature.

User experience designer Whitney Hess, one of the 4HB-ers we interviewed for the article, also mentioned a new tracking bracelet by Jawbone to us. That device, called “Up”, measures Up” tracks your movement, eating habits, and sleeping patterns and then transmits the data back to a smartphone app.

Mr. Manjoo gets to the heart of why these self-quantifying with gadgets actually makes an impact on your health. Basically, it’s the shame factor. Read More


Aviary’s Michael Galpert Proselytizes Self-Quantifying At the Office

Fitter, happier, more productive.

The Financial Times had a fascinating piece this weekend about a new breed of entrepreneurs who are applying the same metrics-obsessed, data-driven approach to optimizing their start-ups to optimizing their bodies. These “self-quantifiers” seem to embody the credo best-satirized by Radiohead on their 1997:

Fitter, happier, more productive/comfortable, not drinking too much/regular exercise at the gym (3 days a week)/getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries/at ease/eating well/(no more microwave dinners and saturated fats)

There is at least one local devotee of the practice: Aviary co-founder and CCO Michael Galpert. In fact, not only is Mr. Galpert self-quantifying, he’s urging Aviary’s employees to quantify as well

Read More