Booting Up: A Good Look Around Mars Edition

<3 (Photo: Domain Gang)

Craigslist has taken a step back from becoming the Internet asshole, dropping exclusive license to all posts. [EFF]

How your tech story promotion sausage gets made. [New York Times]

Here’s a 360 panoramic view of Mars taken by the Curiosity rover. It is riveting. [Wall Street Journal]

No surprise here: self-driving cars are better at driving than actual humans. [The Atlantic]

Oh good, you can now live without breathing. [Gizmodo]

Maybe the Singularity isn’t coming, after all. [Cognitive Social Web]


Eric Schmidt Thinks Mainstream Adoption of Self-Driving Cars Will Depend on ‘How Drunk They Are’

So wry, that Eric Schmidt. (Photo: Twitter)

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt shed some light on Google’s self-driving car experiment at the Sun Valley conference yesterday, reports TechCrunch. Mr. Schmidt thinks that it’s possible that self-driving cars will be the dominant form of transportation within our lifetimes. I know a lot of commuters with high blood pressure who will be happy to hear that. Read More