A Peek at’s Much-Anticipated Beta screenshot. March 23, 2012

Betabeat signed up for on January 24, 2011. “Right now we’re in closed beta, but we look forward to launching in Spring 2011. And because of your early interest, you’ll be the first to know when invites become available,” we were told. But it must have been a struggle to get the app running and populated with artwork, because we didn’t receive an invite until March 2012. (Wired got a sneak peek in November.)

At any rate, as of two weeks ago, we’re in. is an art shopping catalog, comprised of works from 2,400 artists from more than 200 galleries, museums and private collections, something like 13,549 works. Not all are for sale. The site includes high resolution images of the artwork and blurbs about the movements and artists; “American artist Alexander Calder changed the course of modern art by developing an innovative method of sculpting, bending and twisting wire.” Read More

Pre-Launch Has a Working Product and Wired Has Seen It

Jellyfish Eyes - Black 4. Untitled, Takashi Murakami’s doors are still closed to Betabeat, as we signed up for an invite in… May, perhaps? It was a while ago. The startup has had plenty of press since then, as well as a semi-public launch at the Art Basel visual art fair in Switzerland over the summer. The product remains in closely-held beta, however. But some details slipped out in an article in December’s issue of Wired, the latest in’s extremely successful press run. Read More