Sean Parker Got Married This Weekend and It Was Pure Class (For a Ren Faire)

Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas at their hobbit wedding (via Business Insider)

It’s a done deal, folks: This weekend Sean Parker tied the knot with Alexandra Lenas. Attendees included Sting, Cory Booker and the ubiquitous Allison Williams. And this morning, “insiders” are trying to convince the country’s gossip rags that this wedding was, like, totally tasteful.

You know, for an event that practically jumps up and down and screams, “RENAISSANCE FAIRE.”

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Silicon Valley Apparently Fancies Itself Too Good for Ostentatious Weddings


Sure, Sean Parker is throwing a whimsical wedding destined to be the envy of Charles de Lint-loving teen girls nationwide, but make no mistake: The rest of the tech world does not go in for that sort of thing. So says the New York Times, insisting that Silicon Valley prefers backyards (witness Zuck, Chris Hughes and Larry Ellison’s fourth marriage) and private islands  “with enough security to thwart interlopers by air or sea” (both Google cofounders).

Can’t have any photos leaking via those social-media sites the Valley keeps churning out!

“Ostentatious displays tend to draw more scorn than awe,” the Times argues, and observers agree that the trend isn’t merely the result of techies waiting too late to book their venue, ensuring all the good ones were taken. Read More

Parker Parade

Whoops! Sean Parker Maybe Didn’t Get the Permits to Build That Lavish Wedding Set

Okay, Elrond. (Photo: TMZ)

It’s not a party ’til someone calls the cops! Or, in Sean Parker’s case, the local county planning department.

The Carmel Pine Cone (nice) reports that Mr. Parker didn’t secure the proper permits for the millions’ worth of building he’s doing at his wooded wedding venue in Big Sur. And so the Monterey County planning department (and also maybe the California Coastal Commission, yikes) has started poking around whether they’ve violated local construction restrictions: Read More

Parker Parade

Sean Parker Reportedly Living at the Plaza, Just Like Eloise

So, yeah.

Sounds like Napster cofounder, former Facebook president and Airtime never-you-mind Sean Parker is planning his $9 million wedding in suitably lavish surroundings.

For the last two years, Mr. Parker’s West Village townhouse has been undergoing renovations. But that doesn’t mean Mr. Parker, his khaleesi and his daughter have simply been working around the general contractors. Nope! The Daily Mail reports that instead, the couple has relocated to the Plaza Hotel. Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumor Roundup: Dave McClure Calls Big Omaha Attendee a ‘Lying Bitch’ and Zynga Employees Run Into Traffic

The picture of despair.

Lying Bitches 500 Startups founder Dave McClure, known for his rather dirty mouth, made a big slip-up at the Nebraska-based thinkfluencer festival Big Omaha today. According to Valleywag, Mr. McClure was giving a talk at the conference when he asked someone how good her iPhone battery life was. When she responded with a presumably positive answer, Mr. McClure called her a “lying bitch.” On stage. In front of tons of people. Read More


Sean Parker’s Wedding Will be More Whimsical, Less Medieval [Updated]

Ye Old Timey Shit

After a rather extended engagement, Sean Parker is finally making it official with the mother of his child, Alexandra Lenas. Rather than tying the knot in Zuckerbergian low-key fashion, however, it sounds like the two are planning quite the bash. Page Six says the pair will marry in June–in grand style.

The couple has reportedly settled on a medieval theme, their venue being a “forest setting” in Big Sur. The save-the-dates look like a medieval scroll. And sources tell Page Six each guest will receive his own custom period costume, because apparently the Lenas-Parkers want to humiliate their nearest and dearest. Read More

Blind Item

Okay, Which of You Got Freaky With the CEO of a ‘Prominent Web Startup’ at Davos?

It seems no opportunity for romance is outside the purview of dating site HowAboutWe. Hence this recap of the pickins for participants at Davos, the Model U.N. for wealthy grown-ups. Apparently, “the dynamics at Davos are basically the same as the dynamics of any other group of human beings.” We’re as shocked as you are!

The primary source for the post was a nameless tech CEO, who swore the younger attendees, at least, kept it pretty chaste: Read More

Enter Sandman

Spotify Debuts New Discovery Features, Best Friendship of Sean Parker and Lars Ulrich

Copacetic! (Photo: Spotify)

Today, at a press conference that culminated in a Frank Ocean performance and an unexpected onstage love-in by Sean Parker and Lars Ulrich, Spotify debuted a number of new features, revolving around discovery.

CEO Daniel Ek entered to “Rock the Casbah,” the Clash bouncing off the exposed brick walls. Despite it not even being noon, several attendees already had beers in their hands.

“At Spotify, we think of ourselves as punks, the type that are against the establishment,” Mr. Ek informed the crowd. “We’re really punks because we’re restless and we really hate it when people tell us this is just the way it is.” Read More

Legalize It

‘Marijuana Majority’ Says Techies Have High Hopes With Dope

Definitely takes the cake for most soulful eyes among the Facebook cofounders.

TechCrunch points us to a delightful discovery: “Marijuana Majority,” a cunningly named campaign that attempts to convince the American public that tokers aren’t all lazy longhairs and shiftless teenagers and rakish rappers, thereby making it safe for average Joes to come out in favor of decriminalization. On the website, you’ll find a long list of prominent individuals of all stripes who’ve expressed some kind of support for legalizing it.

It comes complete with ready-t0-share image macros, which you can post to your Facebook wall like a little thinking-of-you card for the stoners in your life. Read More


Booting Up: Embarrassing Airtime Stats Edition

(Photo: 4 the Media)

Ain’t nobody can hold Kim Dotcom down. [Wired]

Celebs are flocking to a new Twitter-like site called “Pheed” which allows them to charge monthly subscriptions or pay-per-view for content. [Forbes]

Google announced a $249 lightweight, durable Chromebook that it’s hoping can begin to corner the market on inexpensive laptops. [Google]

Airtime is flailing and its user stats are pretty depressing: “AppData, a service that collects data about sites and services that connect with Facebook, indicated that Airtime had just 400 users a day and 10,000 over the course of a month, but Mr. Parker and other executives at the company suggested those figures were off. Nielsen and comScore, two independent analytics firms, both said that traffic to Airtime was so small that it did not yet register on their charts.” [New York Times]

Apple’s logo is apparently considered blasphemous in Russia. [CNET]