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Nota Bene: When Poaching From Google, It Helps to Hire an Ex-Google Recruiter

Ms. Loh (LinkedIn)

Poaching for tech talent has reached such a crescendo in New York that, in some cases, proper etiquette is being thrown out the window. As Business Insider discovered with a few LinkedIn searches this morning, there seems to be a some kind of secret tunnel between Googleplex East and Foursquare. According to LinkedIn, 18 of Foursquare’s 67-staffers hail from from Google.

Filching from the behemoths is fair game, of course, and restricted stock units and salaries at Google has risen to try to stop the tide. But that figure might be low-balling it. “A source close to the company said around a third of the company’s employees have experienced some time at Google,” reports BI.

That might have a little something to do with a trend Betabeat noticed last year. Read More