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SeamlessWeb Drops the Embarrassing ‘Web’ Suffix, Reborn as ‘Seamless’

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“When SeamlessWeb was founded in 1999, the dot-com bubble was nearing its peak and the word ‘web’ was on the tip of everyone’s tongues,” the company formerly known as SeamlessWeb writes on its blog. “No wonder we thought it was such a good addition to our name! And with the iPhone and mobile apps many years away, we kind of had a point. The web ruled the day and we made ordering food online a seamless process. Simple enough, right?” Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Hands-On Hacking Hits Hard, a Hop and a Skip, SeamlessWeb Is a Tease, and the OG VCs Announce Hiring

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This week in New York start-ups:

TO DO LIST: Maker Faire at Etsy, tonight at 6:30. Get together and talk about doing. Behind on your mainstream? The Social Network is screening at Pier 63Hack and Tell at Meetup, tomorrow. There will be electronic fireflies! More hacking to be had at Red Bull Creation, this weekend at McCarren Park. And last but not least in the hands-on hacking category, submissions are now being accepted for World Maker Faire.

General Assembly is hosting a Selling to Middle America class, in which the co-founders of Jump Ramp Games will talk about how to get people to use Foursquare and in Missouri, etc. Seems relevant, but they could have given it a less-condescending name. Selling to Customers Who Make Up the Vast Majority of the Consumer Web Market and Are Essential for Many Start-Ups to Succeed, perhaps? Read More

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New York Start-up Dress Code: ‘Business Shabby’

Wiley Cerilli in native garb.

The corporate world can keep “business casual.” But SinglePlatform’s Wiley Cerilli has another way to describe the start-up uniform. “I’m trying hard to coin the style ‘business shabby'” Mr. Cerilli told The Next Web.” How‘s the coinage catching on? “It’s not working, but I’m trying.”

Mr. Cerilli spent 10 years running sales at SeamlessWeb, the local online delivery hub/vacuum suction on Betabeat’s wallet, before launching SinglePlatform last January. His new service, which is hiring, lets restaurants upload info like menus, photos, and specials and then updates that on SinglePlatform’s hundreds of publishing partners like hotel and city guides and app developers.

So what constitutes “business shabby”? Read More

Fresh Capital

Don’t Forget to Tip! Seamless Web Orders in $50 M. of Fresh Capital

The online delivery firm SeamlessWeb took a minority partner today, Spectrum Equity Investors, which invest in web companies with serious scale like Demand Media and Survey Monkey.

SeamlessWeb, which sold to food service provider Aramark in 2006, is on track to handle $400 million in sales this year. The company doesn’t actually take orders, but it processes them through the web and mobile apps for more than 3,850 New York City restaurants.  Read More