Booting Up: TelePod is a Terrible Name

(Photo: Scroogled)

According to a former Apple ad man, Apple considered naming its phone offering a bunch of really terrible names before settling on iPhone. These names include “Telepod,” “Mobi” and “Tripod.” Whoever convinced them to go with iPhone is basically a hero. [9 to 5 Mac]

Here is another story about the origin of emoji, which made this Android phone owner only slightly more bitter. [The Verge]

Google is working to build a competitor to the wondrous Amazon Prime, with a same-day delivery service called Google Shopping Express. Wonder whatever happened to eBay Now? [TechCrunch]

Oh good, Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign is here to stay. [CNET]

The Boston Startup School is launching a branch in New York called the Startup Institute. [The Next Web]


Booting Up: Return of the Scroogled Edition


Microsoft is stepping up its Scroogled campaign, launching television, print and online ads attacking Google on privacy issues. To that end, page A9 of our edition of The New York Times features a half-page ad charging that Google “looks for keywords in your personal email and uses them to target you with paid ads.” Gmail accounts. [NYT]

The Silicon Valley job market is growing at levels last scene in the late-1990s, a piece of information that’s hard to receive without experiencing a pang of anxiety. Also nervous-making: when people in the Silicon Valley business community are saying things like “The growth is crazy and it’s getting crazier.” [Oakland Tribune]

An organized crime syndicate used re-loadable prepaid debit cards to withdraw $11 million from ATMs in a pair of cyber heists in the last days of 2010. [Krebs]

Tumblr is adding real-time updates to its dashboard, a la Facebook’s News Ticker. [TechCrunch]

It wasn’t so long ago that rappers were seeking out business gurus. Grammy-winning producer DeVon Harris says startups should be studying hip-hop. [Quartz]

Searching Towards Bethlehem

Microsoft Asks ‘Are You Being Scroogled?’ in Hilariously Melodramatic Anti-Google Campaign

Grrr! (Screencap: Scroogled)

Bing still trails far behind Google in search engine rankings, and Microsoft is just not having any of it. After launching Bing It On, a test that attempted to show that Bing occasionally surfaces better search results than Google, Microsoft has introduced its newest attack on the GOOG: an anti-Google Shopping site called Scroogled. Get it? Like Screw + Google? Read More