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Rumor Roundup: International Defoundered Man of Mystery, Plus Alexis Ohanian Wrote a Book

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Front Page Printed Pages of the Internet Just before taking stage at SXSW to talk his crowdfunded Internet 2012 tour, Alexis Ohanian emailed out a link to his new book, Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed.

Since you asked, Mr. Ohanian, we dig the cover, but “without their permission,” sounds a little iffy in the context of Reddit’s Creepshot scandal, no? Read More

The Third Degree

White-House-Approved Gen Y Seed Fund Helps Entrepreneurs from the 99 Percent With Student Loans

Mr. Gerber

Yesterday a new $10 million early stage seed investment fund called Gen Y Capital Partners launched out of its home base in New York City.

Its no coincidence that the White House’s announcement about easing student loan burdens for entrepreneurs came on the same day. After all part of Gen Y Capital’s business plan, which gets name-checked in the White House release, leverages the recently-reformed Income-Based Repayment plan to help startup founders pay off their student loans. Yup, you read that right. Pay off, not defer.

Betabeat talked to Gen Y founder Scott Gerber, author of Never Get a “Real” Job and founder of the non-profit Young Entrepreneur Council, about how student loans play into entrepreneurship and why Gen Y can help the 99 percent. Read More