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It’s (Not) Complicated: Nearly Half of Adults Use Social Media to Solidify Breakups

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Research has officially confirmed what we all subconsciously knew to be true: that we rely on Facebook to confirm our break-ups because we’re too cripplingly insecure to break things off for good in the physical world.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, nobody really means it when they say they “still want to stay friends” with an ex, at least when it comes to Facebook. Read More

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App Creators Want You to Send Them Pics of Your Boobs, For Science

(Photo: ThirdLove)

Scientists. When they’re not busy creating glow-in-the-dark rabbits or telling you you’re ugly, they’re tackling some of the world’s most complex problems, like which boob harness is right for you.

Fast Company reports that a new startup called ThirdLove is using technology developed by a NASA scientist to determine a woman’s proper bra size. And unlike the uppity Victoria’s Secret employees, with their cold hands and tut-tutting demeanor, the app doesn’t need anything from you but two boob selfies (you can wear a tanktop!), which frankly you probably already have stored in your camera roll anyway. Read More

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Put That iPhone Away Because It’s Making You Look And Act Like Quasimodo


If you think tapping away on your smartphone is making you look cool and popular, you are wrong, science says.

Per some researchers at Harvard Business School, people tend to hunch when they’re using small devices, which increases stress and decreases testosterone levels — affecting the way they act even after the devices have been put away and “causing [users] to be less likely to take risks immediately afterward,” according to the Wall Street Journal.  Read More

Survey Says

Students Want to Be Scientists Until They Realize They Have to Do Science

General Election - Education

A new study conducted at a Kentucky college confirms what we all learned first semester of  freshman year: math and science majors seem really great, until students realize that they’re really freaking hard.

Led by Berea College’s Ralph Stinebrickner and the University of Western Ontario’s Todd R. Stinebrickner, the study surveyed 655 students at Kentucky’s Berea Read More

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Scientist Claims It’s Now Possible to Transplant Your Head Onto a Hotter Body


Are you so sick of yourself that you wish you could just chop off your head and sew it onto someone else’s body, preferably one that doesn’t possess an unfashionable set of boobs? Sergio Canavero, a neuroscientist at the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, has some good news for you: according to a recent paper he wrote, dug up by Quartz, it may now be possible to successfully complete a human head transplant. Science! Read More

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A Foot Sounds Like a Terrible Location for an Orgasm


Foot fetishes, however disgusting and weird, are just part of the diverse spectrum of human sexuality, and we at Betabeat certainly aren’t here to judge. But if there’s one woman in the world foot fetishists want to date, it’s probably the subject of this academic paper.

The paper, unearthed by Discovery Magazine, describes an ailment called “Foot Orgasm Syndrome” which allows the woman to experience orgasms both voluntary and not voluntary through her feet. Read More

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Scientist Predicts We’re Turning Into Bratz Dolls

Hot. (Photo:

A geneticist has predicted that in the future we really will have the cartoonishly huge eyes of the Jetsons, all the better to take in the dark Martian colonies we’ll call home. Science!

Forbes summed up the results of a hypothesis formed by artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm, who, along with computational geneticist Dr. Alan Kwan, reasearched and illustrated what humans–specifically, white ones–might look like 100,000 years in the future. Read More