Reddit Watches with Glee as Camgirl Has Heartbreaking Meltdown

(Photo: Live Leak)

Much has been said about the needling anti-female sentiments that buzz like an electric current beneath the posting habits, inside jokes, and social infrastructure of the male-dominated Reddit. As much as it can serve as a galvanizing force for Internet justice, the social news site can also be a vicious gut-punch for women looking to elbow their way into the boys’ club.

So if that rape thread wasn’t enough to turn you off from Reddit for a time, perhaps the delight with which users mock the breakdown of a “camgirl” will do it for you. Because trust us, the video–and the comments accompanying it–are heartwrenching. Read More

First World Problems

Everyone Was Super Psyched About New iPad…Until They Actually Tried It

The worst product on the market, the new iPad. (

It was the fanboy gasp heard ’round the world: the newest incarnation of the iPad would not follow the tradition of a new number for every iteration. Instead of the iPad 3, the new iPad would be just that: The New iPad. Some thought the move genius; others claimed deceased CEO Steve Jobs would never have allowed the release of an unnamed product. A comfortably predictable company going in a “surprise” direction? The Internet will have none of that! Read More