Guy With Video Startup Meets Sean Parker on Airtime, Figures Check Is in the Mail

sean parker sayclip

Chicago-based startup founder Romil Patel writes in to brag that he went on Airtime for the first time, ran into Sean Parker (they had a mutual friend), and made a Social Network joke. That joke. You know the one.

Of course Mr. Patel took the opportunity to tell Mr. Parker about his startup, SayClip, an asynchronous app that lets people leave video messages for each other. Writes Mr. Patel:

He was like “you’re a founder of something video related?” I said yeah, then I talked about what exactly SayClip was, which is a private video messaging service for iOS and OS X. He thought being on desktops as a native app running in the background off the menu bar was a smart and practical move for the service we provide. We chattered on, then he asked me what the end vision is for SayClip. I said building a kick ass company that everybody loves. Then he asked “hypothetically” would I ever sell? I said yeah, if someone wrote me a check for $1 billion because I’m not as cool as Zuckerberg. He lol’d and said, you never know, you may get an offer next week in this world.

The rest of the convo was spent chatting about Mr. Patel’s thoughts on Airtime, until Flash crashed in his browser. The moral of the story is, it’s still unclear whether Airtime will take off or flame out. But “a-million-dollars-isn’t-cool” jokes are forever.