Booting Up: Saturday Night Live Points Out Google Glass Are Kinda Dorky

Bad news, nerds. (screencap)

Watch Saturday Night Live skewer Google Glass-obsessed tech reporters. [The Verge]

A drone got stuck on a statue on top of a courthouse in Ohio. Welcome to the future! [AP]

“When some future Mars colonist is able to open his browser and watch a cat in a shark suit chasing a duck while riding a roomba, they will have Vint Cerf to thank.” Mmmkay. [Wired]

Betabeat feels obliged to point out that the world’s first 3D-printed gun, the “Liberator,” has the same name as a sex pillow. [Forbes]

The sci fi folk at Tor Books say removing DRM hasn’t put a dent in its ebook sales. [Ars Technica]

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

NBC’s Website Was Hacked and Defaced Just Before Guy Fawkes Night

NBC hacked

Earlier today, NBC’s website was hacked. The site returned to normal for a few minutes, but now even the homepage is having problems. This afternoon, users who clicked on the “Shows” or “Full Episodes” tab were shown a black page with glowing lights, loud music, and references to Guy Fawkes Night, which is celebrated on November 5th.  NBC’s mobile landing site, Saturday Night Live page, 30 Rock clips, and NBC Sports Rotoworld were also hacked.

Despite the Fawkes reference, Anonymous has not yet taken credit for the hack. A message on the site said “Hacked by pyknic.” It’s also unclear why NBC was a target. Not a Louis C.K. fan, perhaps? Read More

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The Music Industry’s Latest Victim: SNL’s Pandora Sketch

Bruno Mars Pandora

If you went to Hulu or this morning to catch up on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live–the highest-rated episode of the season–you could find Bruno Mars as a sad mouse mascot, Bruno Mars as a 17-year-old dropout in drag, Bruno Mars doing a monologue, and even Bruno Mars singing his own songs. The one clip you couldn’t find is Bruno Mars playing a very versatile Pandora intern–one of the better-rated sketches from the evening.

“The very, very obvious culprit here are music licenses, which are almost always the culprit behind missing SNL sketches,” reports AllThingsDRead More