It's Who You Know

PeerIndex, Europe’s Answer to Klout, Talks Social Media’s Role in Credit Scores

Mr. Dickert.

PeerIndex, a London-based startup that scores social authority on a 1 to 100 scale, just released its “most influential non-celeb voices this year” list. Top of the heap? Kara Swisher, London blogger Umair Haque, technoblogger Robert Scoble and Brooklyn’s very own creative curator, Maria Popova.

Betabeat caught up with PeerIndex CTO Sanford Dickert, an occasional New Yorker, to ask about PI’s take on the trend of banks experimenting with the social graph as a metric for determining creditworthiness.

It’s something PI is aware of and has looked into, Mr. Dickert said, although it’s not necessarily on the startup’s roadmap. “Klout and PeerIndex and everyone, we’re just starting out. We’re about a year in right now but there’s been research in this area for now over five years,” the jetsetting Mr. Dickert told Betabeat over the phone from Barcelona. Read More

Not a Hackathon

Hacker Training Camp Collabracode Filling Up Fast


CollabraCode is still looking for a space to host the six-week program, although founder and self-described lapsed coder Sanford Dickert has four options working. CollabraCode, announced last week at the New York Tech Meetup, is a program inspired more by pair programming than by hackathons, with the goal of bolstering the developer community in New York. “Instead of a 36 hour marathon or a once-a-week course, collabraCode(); is designed to give you a regular workout over the course of six weeks – focusing on delivery of projects that can be used to hone your skills and improve your project portfolio,” the website says. Read More