Whatever, Haters: Everlane Attempts to Lure Engineers to the West Coast by Insulting NYC

(Photo: Everlane.com0

NYC startup denizens, bust out the pom poms and the insults: Everlane, an online retailer specializing in really, really fancy t-shirts, is hosting a New York-based job fair in conjunction with Projective Space, the NYC coworking space. The point of the job fair? To convince engineers, designers and sales people that New York sucks and they should move to Los Angeles or San Francisco. (L.A.? Really?) Read More

Bro No

Outraged San Franciscans Trying to Ship Douchey Startup Founder Back to New York


Startup founder Peter Shih ignited a West Coast firestorm yesterday after publishing a rant to Medium (now deleted) entitled “10 Things I Hate About You: San Francisco Edition.” It was a clumsy, failed attempt at “humorous satire” that read like an entitled douchebag flippantly complaining about serious systemic issues like homelessness. (We’re sure the defunding of San Francisco mental health facilities hasn’t contributed to the amount of mentally ill homeless citizens at all, for example.) Read More

Play Your Video Games

San Francisco Startups Are Now Renting Video Game Machines In Another Effort to Avoid Work

So much fun. (Photo: Slippery Brick)

Hey startups, if the space next to your iced coffee kegerator is looking a bit lonely, then we suppose the best solution is to rent a vintage video game machine. That’s what the cool kids in San Francisco are doing with a new service called All You Can Arcade. It’s best described as Netflix for bulky, dust-collecting arcade machines. Read More

sweet rides

Tech Elite Avoid Looming BART Strike by Just Sailing to Work Instead

Your new ride to work?

Starting today, thousands of New York’s outer borough residents who work in Manhattan are commuting via ferry instead, because some clever person decided, yeah it’s totally fine to shut down the R train for a good little while, because nobody uses that, right? 

Thankfully, our good friends at Uber—sensing that San Franciscans might be jealous of New Yorkers’ sweet new aquatic ride—are offering Bay Area users a one-day opportunity to ride a swagged-out boat to work (just in time for all that BART strike talk). Read More

New Money

One Man’s Brilliant Plan to Keep Tech from Further Ruining San Francisco: Move to Portland

(Photo: Vimeo)

San Francisco’s BART strike and the subsequent gripes from entitled tech types is just this week’s example of Everything That’s Wrong With Tech.

Most techies, it seems, are perfectly content to ignore the changes wrought by a ballooning industry. Tech has driven up the cost of living to insanely high levels. Oakland and San Francisco, for example, saw the highest increases in rent in the country between 2011 and 2012; the average salary for people in tech jobs is three times the median US income; there are entire cottage industries catering to the needs of uber-successful techies permanently shifting the sociocultural landscape of  San Francisco. Read More

dirty filthy money

The Latest Cry Against San Francisco’s Techie Gentrifiers Will Be Stuck in Your Head Forever

Fierce. (screencap)

There has been much back and forth about whether the tech boom is completely transforming San Francisco, lots of it earnest and deadly serious. So at least “Google Google Apps Apps,” a new screw-you to gentrifiers from drag performer Persia and Daddie$ Pla$tik (via Nat King), is super catchy and has a real nutty music video.

“Techies, take the Mission! Techies, gentrify me! Gentrify me, gentrify me, gentrify my love,” Persia and her compatriots chant as they dance against a series of images lifted from–where else?–Google StreetView. Read More

Planet GOOG

Watch People in San Francisco Aimlessly Beat a Google Bus Piñata

Poor Google bus. (Photo: YouTube)

Googlers might follow the company’s mantra of “Do No Evil,” but that good will doesn’t always extend to its neighbors. Nearly 40 people attended an “anti-gentrification block party” in–where else!–San Francisco on Sunday to protest the plush shuttles from various tech companies, like Goog, that stop by the neighborhood to pick up brogrammers and bring them to the Valley. The neighbors allege that the buses are causing rents to skyrocket and the people who use them are dicks. Read More

Sex in the Valley

This Sexual Harassment Suit Against a San Francisco VC Firm Is Horrifying

Mr. Haag. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Naturally, it’s the moment that everyone decamps for SXSW that scandal breaks. Fortune reports that the San Francisco venture firm CMEA Capital and former chief operating partner John Haag have been slapped with allegations of sexual harassment, racial harassment and retaliation by a trio of executive assistants.

Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins came as a shock largely because the prestigious firm has long had a good-guy reputation. This lawsuit, on the other hand, is jaw-dropping for its volume of allegations that are just disgusting. It reads like House of Cards meets Van Wilder. If even a handful of these claims are true, it’s enough to obliterate all our Lean In-inspired optimism. Read More

XX in Tech

Censorship at a Hacker Conference? Violet Blue’s Sex Ed Talk at B-Sides Cancelled

Ms. Blue. (Photo:  Wikipedia)

The amount of furor that can erupt from a single technical conference never ceases to amaze. The latest installment: Sex educator and CNET columnist Violet Blue was supposed to give a talk earlier this week at the security conference B-Sides San Francisco. But it was cancelled at the last minute, after objections from the Ada Initiative, an organization dedicated to supporting women in tech.

That’s all anyone can agree on, besides the fact that everyone is very, very mad. Read More