Booting Up: Instagram Might Soon Add a Video Feature

Whatever, hi Miley!

Vine killer? Instagram is rumored to be adding a video function this week. [TechCrunch]

Saudi Arabia might block WhatsApp within the next few weeks unless it establishes a local server so government officials can monitor activity. [CNET]

Not to be left out, Apple says it has collected between 4,000 to 5,000 requests for user data from the government. [TNW]

Google is building a high-tech system to scrub the Web of child porn. [Telegraph]

It finally pays off to have purchased a Samsung phone: Jay-Z is giving away 1 million free copies of his new album to owners next month. [Verge]


Booting Up: Jack Dorsey Isn’t Thinking About a Twitter IPO So Stop Asking

Not thinking! (Photo: Flickr)

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey said he is “not even thinking” about the company’s IPO because he wants to build a “timeless company.” Okay, buddy. [Bloomberg]

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is predicting that phones with larger screens will make tablets obsolete within the next five years. There’s a joke about Mr. Heins predicting the death of a tech trend in there somewhere. [Telegraph]

Turns out Microsoft was the impetus for sleeker site and interface design. Miss you, Metro! [New York Times]

Now two of the Twitter accounts of the U.K. newspaper The Guardian were hacked Monday by the Syrian Electronic Army, resulting in some stressed out social media managers. [AllThingsD]

Here’s a terrible idea: “Samsung reworks Gangnam Style to promote the Galaxy S4 in India.” The results were less than desirable. [TNW]


Booting Up: Zuck’s First Website Was Just as Embarrassing as Yours

(Photo: Angelfire)

Digital music licensing revenues surpassed those from radio for the first time ever, mostly thanks to Google Play and Xbox. [The Guardian]

If this really is Mark Zuckerberg’s first ever Angelfire page, it’s just as mortifying as yours was. [Gizmodo]

Q1 of 2013 yielded a strangely low number of IPOs: only eight companies went public in the three-month period. [Silicon Valley Business Journal]

Not to be eclipsed by Microsoft, Samsung is getting its own brick and mortar stores, but with a twist: they’ll exist solely inside Best Buys. Guess they really like the Geek Squad? [AllThingsD]

The Facebook phone is expected to be announced today. Yay? [New York Times]

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Startup News: You Can Still Erase Your Ex In Time for Valentine’s Day


Bad education? CampInteractive and Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian are hosting an ed tech hackathon at General Assembly this weekend, inviting developers, students and ed tech influencers to tackle improve the classroom experience. Since gold stars are being offered for hacks that help engage students with “unusually compelling learning experiences,” we’d like to suggest a Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Security Hole in Samsung Smart TVs Could Let Hackers Spy On You


Samsung’s clever merging of a tablet-like operating system with a conventional TV to create “smart TVs” seems pretty cool, but device developers may have forgotten a pretty crucial detail for a major household appliance connected to the web–security.

Malta-based security researchers ReVuln found a creepy vulnerability in Samsung Smart TVs that could lead to a particularly invasive form of hacking. They detailed for The Security Ledger just how spooky things could get if hackers take advantage of the problem: Read More


Samsung Would Like Its Employees to Please Lay Off the Sauce

Artist's rendering of Samsung HQ. (Photo:

Here’s a little anecdote to throw in the face of any “brogrammer” who gets a little too self-congratulatory about his, like, totally hardcore partying, dude. Apparently, South Korean Samsung employees party so hard that the corporate overlords have had to step in.

The Next Web reports the company has launched an offensive against binge drinking. Samsung has also “banned employees from forcing others to drink, where employees would be told to take drinks down in ‘one shot’ or forced to drink as a punishment.”

Who knew Samsung HQ was so similar to a fraternity house during rush week?  Read More


Booting Up: Squarespace Will Show You Commitment Edition

One of the Fog Creek volunteers, buckets in hand. (Photo: Squarespace)

Wanna see commitment? Employees of Squarespace, Fog Creek and Peer1 kept their data center up and running throughout the disaster by hauling fuel up 17 flights of stairs. [TechCrunch]

Despite the tendency among Mac users to go batshit nuts lining up for every new product, crowds weren’t quite as major as usual for the iPad Mini. [TechCrunch]

It’s like pulling teeth to get Apple to apologize to Samsung for IP infringement, as the U.K. court of appeals is discovering. [Guardian]

Speaking of the U.K., Kickstarter is now open to projects from across the pond. [Kickstarter]

Popcorn brand Pop Secret has released an app to help you plan movie nights. And let’s face it–this weekend, you deserve a movie night. [Fast Company]