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‘Silicon Valley’ Fact Check: The Cloud Will Chew Your Business Up, Spit It Out

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When Pied Piper needs a cloud architect, they fall down at the feet of “The Carver,” a bratty boy-king programmer. They’re so thirsty for cloud infrastructure, they take him at his word that he’s worth the 20 grand they shell out over two days for his services.

Of course, they later find out he’s an Adderall-addicted fraud after he scrambles Pied Piper’s DDL. It turns out he’s not such a cloud savant after all. Judging by HBO’s portrayal, cloud software is a mystical practice beyond the programming prowess of even the Bay Area’s finest. Read More

Voice Activated

OneTok Launches Platform Allowing Devs to Easily Integrate Voice Recognition Into Apps

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We first introduced you to OneTok back in March, when we reported that it’d raised a $1.5 million seed round from investors including RRE Ventures. Back then, the NYC-based startup was operating solely in beta, working to bring its voice recognition platform–which allows developers to easily embed voice recognition technology into any app on Android, Blackberry 10 or iOS–to the masses.

Beta be gone–launch day has finally arrived: OneTok CEO and cofounder Ben Lilienthal gave Betabeat the heads up this morning that the SaaS platform officially debuts today. It seeks to give developers the ability to voice-enable mobile apps in an “easy and cost-efficient way.” Read More