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Y Combinator Alum Launches Kaleidoscope, a Street Style App That Takes You from Photo to Purchase


Earlier this week, Inporia co-founder Ryan Junee launched Kaleidoscope, a more monetizable take on those suddenly ubiquitous fashion apps, in the Android market. (Relax, fangirls, the Apple version if coming soon.)

Kaleidoscope, which also works as a website widget embeddable with a few lines of JavaScript, lets users browse a stream of both Anna-approved editorial images and street style photos. If you like what you see, click on any image and it breaks it down by item and offers direct links to sites like Nordstrom’s, Bergdorff, Net-a-Porter or Shop Bop, where users can buy the exact items featured in the photo or similar ones across a range of price points, both higher (what recession?) and lower.

It’s being described as “Pinterest meets ShopStyle,” and indeed, Kaleidoscope uses the ShopStyle API to source potential purchasing options. But there’s also an element of “human expertise,” Mr. Junee told Betabeat, with a team of fashion interns making sure the “shop that look” function links to the best selection of similar items. Mr. Junee said he’s also working on automating that function. Read More

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Rumors & Acquisitions: When Embargoes Break


ALL THE VERTICALS. BuzzFeed is staffing up. Yeah. We know. They have $15.5 million. We know. The site launched its already highly scoopy 2012 vertical alongside the already-popular “cute” and “LOL” verticals, with reporters covering the presidential campaign with the vigor of a dedicated cat blogger; we know. Now it’s time to conquer the internet by rapidly adding “verticals” (as they’re called!) and editor-in-chief Ben Smith is already thinking of where to boldly go next. We heard from a potential poach-ee that the next section will be… tech! We asked Mr. Smith today if this was true. “I don’t want to say,” he said, shaking his head, but acknowledged that the next vertical isn’t far off. Maybe it’s divorce Read More