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Rumor Roundup: Ryan Gosling Loves His Warby Specs (Sent From My Night iPhone)


Morin needs a Mophie Path founder Dave Morin, he of Gosling Parker Economically conscious walking Internet meme Ryan Gosling was recently spotted looking dashing in his Warby Parker frames. The company humble-bragged about the royal sighting on its Facebook page earlier this week noting that the frame is the “Preston.” We share their exuberance. This is one piece Read More

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Dial Through the Tears: Ryan Gosling Hotline Will Get You Through His Hollywood Hiatus

(Photo: Blinkbox)

Fans of hot person/rubbable GIF Ryan Gosling recently received distressing news that he was taking a gentleman’s intermission from acting to “find perspective.” But life is not completely over.

British video-on-demand service Blinkbox has created an indispensable new service called “The Gosline,” a 24-hour phone number that plays his best dialogue to help sooth devastated women and gays. Read More