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Sounds Like Not Even Paul Graham Is Sure WTF to Do About Hacker News

Mr. Graham (flickr.com/pragdave)

Some days, it’s really hard to repress the urge to raze Hacker News and sow the ground with salt. But hey, at least we’re not alone in our frustration. It seems even Paul Graham gets piqued with his community of angry nerds every once in a while.

Like, for instance, when the response to accusations of sexual assault at a Ruby conference is just a big, ugly screaming match. Read More

Programs for Programmers

Take The Flatiron School’s New Course And Become an iOS Expert

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.58.25 PM

A year and ten days ago, to be exact, Manhattan’s Flatiron School was founded—its mission to turn programming noobs into poachable techies by the end of one intensive, semester-long Ruby course.

Now, the school is expanding its offerings with the launch of a new ten-week iOS program that promises to make you a master of mobile development (in other words: apps. Lots of apps.) Read More