The Final Frontier

Rovers Now Just Drawing Penises All Over Mars

(Photo: Reddit)

The Mars Rovers have been roaming around the red planet collecting important scientific data that could help NASA determine whether or not there are ALIENS. But as any high school student will tell you, sometimes science class gets boring after a while, and you just have to do what your (robotic) heart tells you: draw penises all over stuff. Read More

Check-In Please!

Curiosity Rover Joins Foursquare, Checks in From Mars

(Photo: Foursquare)

In a delightfully geeky publicity stunt for New York-based location checkin service, NASA tweeted moments ago that the Curiosity Rover has joined Foursquare. “Guess who just joined @Foursquare? That’s right… @MarsCuriosity┬ájust checked in from the Red Planet,” tweeted NASA. It’s the first-ever checkin on a different planet, and we have to admit it’s pretty awesome.

“One check-in closer to being Mayor of Mars!” the Rover wrote for its inaugural checkin. Read More


Booting Up: Martian Touchdown Edition

Good morning, sunshine! (Photo:

The distinction between business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies is fading. Betcha dollars to donuts that “big data” is involved. [New York Times]

Ebay is testing out a same-day delivery service. For when that drunken online shopping purchase just won’t wait. [TechCrunch]

Get ready to be slightly freaked out by the runaway success of Huawei, China’s massive telecoms-equipment company. [Economist]

The Curiosity Rover is now on Mars, roving about for science. [Wall Street Journal]

Nobody had any questions for Facebook Questions. [SlashGear]