A Mixtape for Ross Levinsohn Upon the Occasion of His Leaving Yahoo

Man, we miss mixtapes. #SOOLD flickr.com/byebyeempire

Now that Marissa Mayer has the reigns well in hand, there’s little place left for former interim CEO Ross Levinsohn. Though once the heir presumptive to Yahoo’s battered throne, he was passed over for Ms. Mayer, becoming the media guy in a company turning in a product-focused direction. So we weren’t exactly surprised that to see All Things D report that Mr. Levinsohn is sidling gracefully in the direction of the exit.

But before keyboard cat plays him entirely off the stage, we’ve got a few suggestions for music to accompany his departure for what we can only assume will be greener pastures. Read More


Scott Thompson Out at Yahoo

Thompson. (Source: Yodel Anecdotal/Yahoo! Inc. via Wikipedia)

Rebel Yahoo shareholder Daniel Loeb’s campaign to upend the leadership at Silicon Valley’s most troubled old-school Internet company has succeeded. In an exclusive, Kara Swisher reports for AllThingsD that Scott Thompson is gone. Mr. Thompson’s fudged resume was a keystone in the crisis that began unfolding in Yahoo’s upper echelons a week ago; it appears to have been his undoing. An investigation by Yahoo into the phony computer science credential Mr. Thompson listed in public biographies revealed that the now-outgoing C.E.O. also put the degree on his resume: Read More