Try Out Airtime, You Might Run Into Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Zuckerberg and the artist Ronen V.

If Airtime wasn’t already star-studded enough, here’s another celebrity who’s excited to check it out. Mark Zuckerberg popped up as the New York online video artist Ronen V. was testing out the service’s video-chat-a-stranger feature. (Interests: Facebook, Daft Punk, fencing. They both like Gary Vaynerchuk.) “I was still figuring it out, it was my first ‘random’ airtime chat,” Mr. V. wrote in an email. “Once I realized who he was, I just thanked him for making facebook. After like 30 seconds he NEXTed me.”┬áViral marketing stunt, or just trying out his buddy Sean Parker’s new app? We wonder how many other Airtime users got Zuck-rolled today.