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How to Get Health Insurance as a Startup Founder in New York

Generic health care symbols via the Google Images stock images factory.

While some venture capitalists require their portfolio founders to get life insurance and many startups opt for disaster insurance (server loses all the data, hackers attack, etc.), startups, founders and freelancers often skimp on¬†health insurance. “It’s called DontGetSickOrDie.ly,” tweeted* a local founder after¬†Songsicle founder Frank Denbow posed the question on Twitter (asking for a friend, he said, although he also needs it himself, he told Betabeat).

In part the dearth of health insurance is due to the fact that “lean startup”-leaning founders and freelancers don’t have funding to pay their salaries, let alone benefits (and they’re all 25-year-olds on the 4 Hour Body diet anyway, right?**). But it’s also because the process is complicated and no really great options exist. Sounds like a market ripe for disruption! But in the meantime, Betabeat did a bit of research. Read More