Rideshare Wars

Startup Sabotage: Uber Employees Allegedly Submitted 5,560 Fake Lyft Ride Requests

Hard times (Photo via Wikipedia)

We call it a war, but the numbers show that Uber has been dominating Lyft in the on-demand car service market.  Now, new numbers reveal that Uber may have used some questionable tactics to ensure their place on top.

According to new data, 177 Uber employees have allegedly requested and cancelled a total of 5,560 Lyft rides since last October, according to CNN Money. Read More

NYC Disrupts Disruptors

Schneiderman Issues Cease and Desist 24 Hours Before Lyft’s NYC Launch


Lyft, the e-hailing service prompting ride sharing, was set to launch this evening despite major pressure from the Taxi and Limousine Commission and Department of Financial Services. However, their future in the city is now even more uncertain. Lyft is the least expensive of the e-hailing taxi services, even undercutting UberX’s recently lowered prices. The service is known for the giant pink mustaches they put on their drivers cars and launched in San Francisco two years ago. Read More

Share Bears

Heading Home for Thanksgiving? New Yorkers Can Split a Cab to the Airport With Shairporter


A cab ride to and from the airport, like paying someone to do your laundry, is one of the indulgences New Yorkers tend to allow themselves, even when a cheaper option is available. Even more so during the holidays: you’re about to spend the weekend in a food coma with all your judge-y relatives, so treat yo self!

A recently launched startup called Shairporter might help mitigate the cost. The company, which launched a couple weeks ago and is still in beta, helps users split the cost of a cab or black car to the airport. Founder and CEO Winston Wu said Shairporter has a mobile app in the works that can handle things like neighborhood-to-neighborhood rides, but it’s focusing on traveling to the airport because “that’s where the initial need is.” Read More

Sharing is Caring

Zimride Launches in NYC to Make Riding in Cars with Strangers Less Strange

Riding in cars with bros? (Photo: Zimride)

Traveling in the company of strangers has been around since long before Amtrak or those super cheap (and equally as sketchy) Fung Wah buses. Chances are our ancestors had to deal with the hot breath of a Western-bound fur trapper, who looked like he might be coming down with typhoid, along the Oregon Trail–or give up their seat for a pregnant woman on the overbooked Mayflower.

Earlier this week, a new ride-sharing service called Zimride launched in New York and Philadelphia to make carpooling with strangers a little more friendly. The service, which requires you to log in using Facebook, lets users sell a seat in their car or bus. Drivers can determine the amount they want per seat, which gives them a chance to split the cost of gas. Members can search by time of departure and destination. But the defining feature are user profiles that import limited personal details Facebook, like the kind of music or sports you like, along with a profile pic, to help people find a better road trip or commuter companion. Read More