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Assuage Your Internet Rage with Online Debating Game DeBunky

Mr. Batra

If you’ve never heard of New York-based site DeBunky, we won’t hold it against you. The online game is the brainchild of NYU grad Rick Batra and IP lawyer Deepal Chadha, who stealthily launched DeBunky last week. The site has been attempting to quietly build a user base among the founders’s friends and acquaintances before going public.

DeBunky works like this: Enter your own topic or choose from the list of trending topics (“sexting” or “George Zimmerman,” perhaps?), choose a position (pro or con) and click “Match.” DeBunky will hook you up with a fellow debater so that you can relive your high school debating days, Internet style. Many debates also include a judge, who acts like a referee and keeps the debaters in line, eventually choosing a winner. Read More