Booting Up: You May Now Makeout With the Digg Reader iOS App


Digg Reader, which many bloggers would like to kiss on the mouth, is now available as an iPhone app. [TechCrunch]

Three key figures in the technology world were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame yesterday: storied venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, the late hacktivist Aaron Swartz and open source deity (and foot thing eater) Richard Stallman. [Business Insider]

A young Icelandic man who served as a long-time Wikileaks volunteer was actually a double agent, passing information about Wikileaks onto the FBI in exchange for $5,000. Cheap date. [Wired]

In case you didn’t already transfer your X-rated material over to Tumblr, Google doesn’t want you to make money off of your porny Blogger account. [The Verge]

PayPal has launched an initiative (read: viral marketing scheme) to help tackle payments in space. Makes sense, given how much its cofounder Elon Musk is invested in making it to Mars. [PayPal blog]

New York-based network TV streaming service Aereo is launching in Chicago in September. [Deadline]

Revenge of the Nerds

Move Over, Social Media Bigwigs: The Real ‘Nerds’ are Back in Town

No hoodies for this guy. Marcus Ryu, CEO of Guidewire. (Photo: Business and Leadership)

As one of her very first posts for Betabeat, this reporter said “fuck it” and wrote a melodramatic lament of the fact that the tech scene has become overrun with popular kids and self-quantifying jocks, designer jean-wearing business douches and people who think a familiarity with CSS is the same as knowing how to code. “We Need to Make Tech Uncool Again,” we implored, calling for the ponytailed Linux users to inherit what’s rightfully theirs.

We were kind of joking, but kind of not. Perhaps it was a personal reaction to the rise of brogramming. Whatever it was, it seems we may finally be getting our wish. Read More

The Way We Live Now

People Care More About Keeping Their Cell Phones Charged Than Their Personal Hygiene

Mr. Stallman, snacking on foot stuff. (Photo:

Good news if you’re Richard Stallman! According to a travel survey conducted by Intel, Americans are so obsessed with keeping their devices tethered to their fast-typing fingers that they’re eschewing the comforts and hygiene of modern life just to keep them charged. We call this the “Stallman Quotient”: The more you embrace technology over showering, the higher your Stallman Quotient grows. The maximum Stallman Quotient score is 10, otherwise known as “eating something from your foot while being filmed during a lecture.” Read More