Booting Up: London Calling, IPOs Not Answering Edition

Elon Musk (Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP)

Elon Musk got his crazy futurism on at PandoMonthly. He’s the best, isn’t he? [PandoDaily]

London ain’t got nothin’ on New York’s IPOs. [Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, the U.S. is going after a 24-year-old British kid who set up a portal to find pirated content, but never hosted any of it himself. FYI, America, ya look desperate. [New York Times]

Facebook is monitoring your chats for “criminal activity.” Maybe keep your cybering to off the record Gchats? [Mashable]

You can now go on a road trip through California’s national parks without ever having to leave your house. [Google]

When Copyright's Wrong

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales Tells the US To Stop Extraditing 24-Year-Old Geek

(Photo: Twitter/richardasaurus)

In the two years since U.S. customs and immigration officials came knocking on his dorm room door, Richard O’Dwyer has become something of a representative figure in the fight between Hollywood heavyweights and the Internet.

But a new ally has stepped foward to support the “unlikely poster boy for a culture war.”¬†Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has decided to intervene on Mr. O’Dwyer’s behalf, launching a campaign on this weekend to stop the U.S. from extraditing him on copyright allegations. Read More