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Former Bond Villain Builds Personal Submarines For International Billionaires Like Richard Branson

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As Graham Hawkes describes it, he was sitting in the front seat of what is basically an underwater sports car when he was ambushed by a great white shark. He’d recognized the shark’s behavior as a territorial challenge, and wanted to pull away, but unfortunately he had business magnate and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson riding shotgun.

“I remember Richard saying ‘Get closer, get closer!’ and I thinking ‘I’m not going to face down a great white shark,'” Mr. Hawkes told Betabeat. Read More

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Richard Branson ‘Would Love’ to Segregate Children From Civilized Airplane Passengers

HAHAH NOPE. (Photo: Flickr)

Traveling with kids sucks. They’re noisy, they spill their gross crumbs everywhere, and they smell. Even airline owner and apparent savior Richard Branson realizes that. In a recent interview with Conde Nast Traveler, he said he would like to create a cabin just for kids so they won’t bother anyone else. It’s sort of like Thanksgiving! Read More


Booting Up: Like Kings, Twitter Employees Snacked on Macaroni and Cheese Roast-Duck Fritters

Binged to death? (Photo: Bing)

Fox Business anchor Charlie Gasparino, who was snubbed by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo for comment, had a reasonable response: “This guy looks like the guy you beat the hell out of…I’m not advocating violence, I’m just saying he looks like—.” [Dealbreaker]

Taking a page from TechCrunch, Aol is asking Aol employees to “disrupt” the company since the suits are out of ideas on how to fix it. [TechCrunch]

If you’re a Twitter employee on a diet, yesterday was a difficult day for you! They snacked on doughnuts, macaroni and cheese roast-duck fritters and a grilled rack of lamb. [WSJ]

If Stephen Elop takes control of Microsoft, he’s mulling the idea of axing Bing and selling off the company’s Xbox unit. [Bloomberg]

The 63 networks of NBCUniversal and the Today show are going to broadcast Richard Branson’s trip to space next August. [Variety]

Visiting Dignitaries

Address Your Thank You Letters to Richard Branson Because He’s Sending Justin Bieber to Space

Stay up there. (Photo:

Out of ideas on who he can alienate on planet earth, Justin Bieber has volunteered to be shot into space for a suborbital flight on Virgin Galactic. Ginger-in-chief Richard Branson excitedly tweeted the news Wednesday announcing his diabolical plans on how he’s angling to rid the planet of the autotuned manchild.

“Great to hear @justinbieber & @scooterbraun are latest @virgingalactic future astronauts. Congrats, see you up there!,” tweeted Mr. Branson, reminding us that the requirements of becoming an astronaut is alarmingly low.  Read More

Space the Final Frontier

Some Lucky Jerk Gets to Go to Space With Leonardo DiCaprio

Hey there, travel buddy! (Photo: Flickr, Craig Grobler)

Somebody check on the president of the Leonardo DiCaprio fan club, because we’ve got some bad news. E! reports that someone–it’s not clear who–has paid $1.5 million for a ticket to outer space sitting next to Mr. DiCaprio.

Can you imagine a better chance to finally make your move than a turbulent ride through the upper atmosphere, followed by at awe-inspiring gander at the curve of the Earth? Read More

Work From Home

Richard Branson Just Won’t Shut Up About Telecommuting

Let's all work from SPACE! (Photo: Chatter-fest)

Just when we all thought the furor about whether Yahoos! can work from home might finally die down, Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighed in on the matter–siding with Ms. Mayer. During his weekly radio show, reports Capital New York, he noted that, “I’ve always said, telecommuting is one of the dumber ideas I’ve ever heard.”

Well, Sir Richard Branson, for one, could not believe his ears. Absolutely aghast at this latest turn of events, the gallivanting founder of Virgin Group employed his blog once again to preach the gospel of working remotely and/or butt into the business of other major mogulsRead More