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‘Private School Snaps’ Make Rich Kids of Instagram Look Like Paupers

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Like this but with actual cash. (Photo via Private School Snaps)

When it comes to the upper crust, the British are known for being much more tasteful than their flashy, nouveau riche American counterparts.

Well, this new Snapchat trend could help topple the Brits from their self-satisfied perch. It turns out rich English kids love conspicuous consumption just as much as American teens do; they just also get to live in castles. No fair. Read More

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Just Give Up on Your Dreams Now Because ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ Is Becoming a Novel

The cover. (Photo: Tumblr)

Since it’s never too early to start planning your summer reading list, get excited about Rich Kids of Instagram…the novel

Yep, pieces of paper sewn together consisting of sentences about the lives of ostentatious teenagers who have too much money for their own good will be a thing that exists in this sick, cruel world. It will be released next June, presumably staged front and center at Urban Outfitters stores in malls everywhere. Read More

One Percenters

Rich Kid of Instagram Finally Gets Daddy’s Attention

Ms. Dell (Photo: LinkedIn)

Self-made billionaire Michael Dell recently topped the list of Austin’s highest-paid CEOs for his generous $16 million annual salary. But that doesn’t mean he wants everyone to know how–and where!–he’s spending it. (Lavish breakfast buffets aboard the family jet to Fiji, as it turns out.)

That might explain why Alexa Dell’s oblivious, overshare-y Twitter account abruptly disappeared on Friday after the 18-year-old Columbia University student and W magazine intern shared a photo of her brother Zachary Dell, which was quickly picked up by the socio-economic sleuths at Rich Kids of Instagram last week.  Read More