The Coolest Art-Tech Event in New York Is Tomorrow

Ben Cerveny and Liz Magic Laser presenting a surrealist card game that "explored the tension between responsive architecture and people" at last year's Seven on Seven.

Since most hackathons end up producing artistically interesting but unprofitable projects, Rhizome’s Seven on Seven event is not so unique. Still, the art hackathon, which pairs seven artists with seven technologists for a one-day burst of interactive creativity, has the express purpose of creating artistically interesting and provocative tech projects—and it always draws quality participants and an engaged crowd.

Last year, the one-day art hackathon produced, a site that generates a supercut of supercuts, which are abruptly-cut montages from movie and television scenes. It also produced a surrealist card game and a digitally-enhanced sculpture that projected video of people talking about their families and loved ones onto 3D-printed models of the speakers’ faces using facial tracking feedback from an XBox Kinect camera. Read More


Seven Art Hacks Emerge from Art and Tech Hackathon


Hackers and artists mashed up web and physical technologies at the Seven on Seven conference at the New Museum on Saturday, building single-day projects that had been planned to varying degrees of detail. “I’m not sure what we will hack on,” game designer Jeri Ellsworth told Betabeat before the event. “I’m gathering up parts, building materials and tools to bring. I hope the airline allows me to check the strange-looking items.” Read More