And Then He Pinned Me

18 Things Pinterest Has Revolutionized, Changed Forever, Or Otherwise ‘Taken By Storm’

Perhaps not what Bayer intended.

Of all the social networks that came before it, none activates the aspirational lobe of the brain quite like Pinterest–its pretty, pretty pictures triggering the impulse to collect, cultivate, and consume. This fact was not lost on New York City’s real estate professionals.

“We know that people aren’t necessarily buying New York City real estate off a social network site,” Core’s Kristina Helb tells the magazine. Nonetheless, they figure photos of fancy houses and burgers at neighboring restaurants can lure in buyers, as The Real Deal explains under the headline, “Social media craze takes real estate industry by storm.”

Turns out, real estate isn’t the only thing “taken by storm,” “revolutionized,” “mobilized,” “monetized,” or “captivated by” a scrolling sea of little red push pins. Read More