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Ikea Is Selling Solar Panels Because You Need to Heat Up Those Cinnamon Rolls Somehow

Loves green energy, (Photo: Ikea)

In a move sure to inspire the most infuriating direction packet in human history, Ikea is planning to sell solar panels at its British stores. The Swedish retailer, which is most commonly known for its ridiculously named coffee tables, is hoping to tap into the country’s burgeoning green energy market that apparently exists even though it’s always cloudy over there. Read More

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Social Anxiety: Indicted, Fired and Evicted—Alleged Hacker Matthew Keys Faces A Long Road to Redemption

(Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images)

On March 14, 2013, the indictment came down: 26-year-old Matthew Keys, a celebrated social media journalist, Twitter power user and full-time editor at Reuters, had been charged in a federal criminal case. In the indictment document, published by Politico, the Department of Justice alleged that Mr. Keys had conspired with the hacktivist collective Anonymous to gain access to the Los Angeles Times’ website by providing some of the group’s members with the usernames and passwords that allowed them to deface at least one story posted there. Read More


Booting Up: Fab Reportedly Thinks It’s Worth a Billion Dollars Now

Let's hope this means more wacky pet products.

Fab is reportedly raising over $100 million, at a $1 billion valuation. That’s a jump from the $600 valuation the last time the company raised. [TechCrunch]

Netflix now has (just barely) more American subscribers than HBO. [Variety]

Apple Inc. is facing an identity crisis on Wall Street.” Sounds dramatic. [Wall Street Journal]

Matthew Keys, who was indicted in March for allegedly conspiring with Anonymous to hack the L.A. Times website, has been fired from his job at Reuters. Apparently they didn’t like a parody Twitter account he created, or his tweets about the hunt for the marathon bombers. [Atlantic Wire]

There’s a startup that wants to disrupt raising your hand in class, FYI. [GigaOm]

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Reuters Producer Matthew Keys Indicted for Allegedly Conspiring with Anonymous [UPDATED]


Power-Twitterer and Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys has been indicted by the Justice Department. He stands accused of “conspiring with members of the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ to hack into and alter a Tribune Company website.”

A journalist handing over his ex-employer’s log-in info to Anonymous, combined with the fact that the vandalized “Tribune Company website” happens to have been the homepage of the Los Angeles Times, is so juicy that overworked assistants all over Hollywood are probably cobbling together pitches to turn Keys into the next Bradley Manning.

Before Reuters, Mr. Keys worked as a web producer for the Tribune Company-owned TV station KTXL FOX 40, in California. The DOJ says that in December 2010, after being “terminated” by Fox 40, he: Read More

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Eric Schmidt Recommends Parents Talk Online Privacy Before Sex

Hakuna matata, guys! (Photo:

Teenagers, God bless them, have the impulse control of slightly dim goats. That’s why juvenile records are sealed–no one needs to know you got caught tagging boxcars when you were 15 and going through an Eminem phase. But the existence of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and their ilk means today’s teens are going to have a tougher time scrubbing their reputations. And even Google chairman Eric Schmidt is willing to admit it’s pretty much a “privacy nightmare.” Read More


Tech Insurgents 2012: Anil Dash

Mr. Dash

Amiable Agitator

The day after Barack Obama won his second presidential term, @FakeDorsey, a satirical Twitter account mocking serial entrepreneur Jack Dorsey’s precious worldview, tweeted, “Pretty incredible to think we made any progress at all in this world before we had twitter, and @anildash telling us all what we should do.”

As the adage goes, it’s funny because it’s (partly!) true.

Read More

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Startup News: Brooklyn Tech Triangle Seeks Master Plan; Reuters is Now Distributing Animated Content

"Master Your DSLR Camera:" now available for iOS from Open Air Publishing.

Animated news Reuters has announced the launch of an exclusive partnership with Next Media Animation. Starting this week, Reuters will offer around 20 animated news stories a week produced by Next Media Animation News Direct service, intended to offer visual chronologies of events not captured on video—such as the sinking of the Costa Concordia—as well as present clear illustrations of more technical news.

Master plan The Brooklyn Tech Triangle is seeking proposals for an area-wide strategic plan to support the growing tech sector, which is expected to nearly double in the next three years. Objectives of the designated planning team include improving transportation between the tech triangle and surrounding communities and developing implementable land-use strategies. An information session for potential respondents will take place on July 20 at the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership office; proposals are due August 10.

How-to Open Air Publishing, an innovative digital publisher which produces interactive how-to ebooks for iOS, including Master Your DSLR Camera and The Better Bacon Book, just raised $800,000 in seed round funding from Digital Entertainment Ventures, SV Angel, Charles River Ventures and 500 Startups. Read More

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Survey Says: Number of Women in Top U.S. Tech Jobs Has Declined Since 2010

According to this survey, Sheryl Sandberg is one lucky lady. (

New York may have double the female founders, but that statistic refers primarily to fledgling startups. What about the ladies leading large technology companies?

According to a new report by technology recruiting company the Harvey Nash Group, the number of women in top-tier IT positions has decreased since 2010. “Nine percent of U.S. chief information officers (CIOs) are female, down from 11 percent last year and 12 percent in 2010,” reports Reuters. Read More