Can You Digg It?

Betaworks Releases Preview of New Digg: ‘Beautiful, Image-Friendly and Ad-Free’

v1 wireframes. (Photo: Rethink Digg)

The clock is ticking for the team at Betaworks, which has promised to overhaul its newly-acquired social news site Digg by Thursday. Today the team published a preview of V1, complete with photos of design wireframes and some hints as to what we can expect of the new release.

Rethink Digg stresses that V1 will adhere to minimalist themes. Many of the bloated features tacked on to the old version of Digg as an afterthought–features that drove many of its users permanently to Reddit–will be lumped off in favor of three core principles: “Top Stories, Popular and Upcoming.”

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Can You Digg It?

Rethink Digg Survey Says: 92 Percent of Respondents Wouldn’t Recommend Digg to a Friend

(Photo: Rethink Digg)

Looks like the ambitious and hardworking folks behind Rethink Digg have their work cut out for them. On Friday, the team–which is tasked with revamping the ailing social news site in the next eight days–released a survey to gather user feedback on the current and future status of Digg. The results? “92% of survey respondents said that they would not recommend the current Digg to a friend.” Ouch. Read More