Instagramming Your Resume is as Useless As It Sounds

(Photo: Instagram)

David Mas, a graphic designer based in Crevillente, Spain, was just looking for a creative way to stand out in his crowded field. So he turned to the land of sepia filters and brunch photos for help, natch.

Mr. Mas created an Instagram account@esto_es_un_curriculum, to showcase his skills and past projects. Uninterestingly enough, no borders or filters have been applied to any of the 38 uploads, but none of them have been tagged with #nofilter. It’s a total rookie move. Read More

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Please Do Not Make Pinterest Resumes a Thing Now

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There’s an old marketing tactic called “eating your own dog food,” whereby a founder swallows his own product to prove to the world just now sweet it is. In recessionary times, it appears that strategy has trickled downstream to potential hires. As The Next Web reports, Jeanne Hwang, a Harvard b-school graduate with six years of work experience at Right Media, Yahoo, Accenture, and Kaixin, resorted to launching an online campaign to get hired at Pinterest, including, of course, a “Jeanne for Pinterest” board.

That social media hustle has already paid off in form of a job offer from Pintics, a Pinterest analytics site. Perhaps they were moved by the pin of Ms. Hwang sky-diving (to show she’s a risk taker!) or pin of her adorable puppy (someone understands the Pinterest user base!)? Read More