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NYC Chefs Hate Your Food Instagrams as Much as Everyone Else

(Photo: Instagram / Benjimanfood)

Food pics have long been the poster child of photo apps like Instagram. Crammed between the selfies and the screencaps of inspirational quotes, photos of food porn have become so ubiquitous that most of us scroll right by them without a second thought. But NYC chefs–particularly those steadfastly mounted upon Michelin-starred high horses–are beginning to foment a revolution against the Instagramming masses. Read More


Kickstarter-Funded Restaurant Gets Seal of Approval from New York Times

Beware all ye mollusks who enter here.

When the proprietors behind Brooklyn seafood shack Littleneck couldn’t come up with the cash to get their restaurant started through traditional outlets, they took to the people: a Kickstarter campaign to fund Littleneck helped get them to where they needed to be. The restaurant opened, and only a few months in, they now have what every chef and restauranteur—especially in this city—dreams of: a seal of approval from the New York Times dining critics. Read More

Deal With It

Why Does Groupon Really Suck? Because It Makes People Eat at Bad Restaurants [TUMBLR]


Ryan Sutton, food critic for Bloomberg News, can now add crusader to his resume. While the rest of us sit idly by, watching our inboxes fill up with offers to suspicious-sounding restaurants no one’s ever heard of and spas where we wouldn’t dare disrobe, Mr. Sutton is doing something about it.

Two months ago, he launched a Tumblr called The Bad Deal devoted to “highlighting BAD DEALS on Groupon, Gilt, Living Social, Savored and elsewhere,” in the hopes of saving consumers from “wasting their disposable income on crummy offers that are never redeemed.”

Exposing poor bangs for one’s buck is such a passion project for Mr. Sutton, that when Eater requested an interview about why he launched the site, he insisted on manning both the question and answer portion of the Q&A. We have to say, he really asked himself all the right questions. Read More


NYC’s 20 Most Popular Dishes According to Foodspotting


Food porn went mobile in 2009 when Alexa Andrzejewski (Adaptive Path), Ted Grubb (Get Satisfaction) and Soraya Darabi (New York Times) launched Foodspotting, an app for reviewing specific dishes instead of restaurants.

Foodspotting only wants the good stuff, though. Users upload photos of dishes (“noms”) they love, tagging each with a location. Read More