This Happened

Cats’ Rights Group Attacks ‘Anti-Cat’ Propaganda in New York Times

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A group of cats rights activists are decidedly not amused by the recent backlash against the Internet’s favorite mascot. Last week, the New York Times ran a story called “That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think” based on a Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute report, which set off a firestorm of “Cats are killers!” stories–angering cat ladies everywhere. Read More

Venture Capitalism

Corporate VC Funding Plummets by 30 Percent—Except for Internet Investing


News flash: it is not 1999 anymore, and it appears that corporate venture capitalists have adjusted accordingly. CB Insights released its Q1 Corporate Venture Capital Report yesterday, revealing that CVCs participated in just 84 deals totaling $1.09 billion, a record low for the past five quarters.

But while overall CVC funding is down 20 percent, funding for the Internet sector is up 30 percent, with CVC deals in that sector increasing for the third straight quarter. Read More

Bitcoin Mania

Leaked Report: FBI is Terrified of Bitcoin Becoming a Currency for ‘Cyber Criminals’

A physical representation of digital Bitcoins. (

Bitcoin usage is on the rise; the virtual currency is now employed by everyone from advertisers to artists. In fact, Bitcoin has apparently grown so popular that it warranted its own FBI report.

Published in late April but leaked yesterday, the unclassified document–of which Wired provided a PDF–outlines the federal government’s fears surrounding the Bitcoin currency, primarily that in the near future, “cyber criminals will treat Bitcoin as another payment option alongside more traditional and established virtual currencies.” Read More