The Maker Fakers: As Etsy Scales, the Definition of ‘Handmade’ Gets Slippery

Mr. Stinchcomb. (Photo: a.k.a. Jared)

Around this time last year, I developed a nervous twitch around my right eye that made me look like a Bond villain. Instead of getting more sleep or drinking less coffee, I decided to buy an eye patch—but, like, a cool eye patch. My eye patch should be unique and stylish in addition to being functional, I decided, and reflect that I am quirky and confident.

There are some things you can really only buy on Etsy. Read More

Domains to Master

Etsy Is Upsetsy! Files Complaint Over,,, and


Yesterday Etsy filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum, which handles domain name disputes for ICANN, over five “EtsySucks” domains: .com, .biz, .info, .org and .net. ( is still free!) The domains appear to be owned by the former editor of the now-defunct “Unofficial Etsy News Blog” previously at, Domain Name Wire reports. Read More