Oh You Fancy Huh?

The Fancy One-Ups Pinterest with Unique Referral Codes to Reward Users for Sharing

(Photo: The Fancy)

Today, social e-commerce site The Fancy*¬†announced that they would begin giving credit to users who curate and share products that lead to a purchase. That’s right, you can now get paid for those aspirational impulses.

A unique referral code will be appended to every item you share, and if someone purchases that product after clicking on your link, The Fancy will provide you with 2 percent of the price of the item sold 30 days after the purchase. All of your credits will be tracked and displayed on a comprehensive dashboard.

With this move, the company is basically providing a monetary incentive to become a power user. (We sense a lot of coltish, wavy-haired fashion bloggers squee-ing into their iPhones right now.) Read More