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Remember Your First Day on Reddit? If Not, This Tool Can Help


Last spring, People of the Internet became enthralled with First Tweet, the Twitter feature that lets you discover the first message you, or any other user, sent out into the Twittersphere.

Now, you can also travel back in time on Reddit.

Yesterday, user georgehotelling posted a tool that lets you see what the Reddit home page looked like on the day you created your account. Read More

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Man Helps Fellow Redditor Find His Missing Mother

A photo joshgoldberg89 posted of his mother, May. (Imgur)

The Reddit community has really been impressing us this week. First, it managed to give a baby a really nice name. And now, it’s helped a man locate his missing mother.

Yesterday, redditor joshgoldberg89 posted on the site that his 59-year-old mother, who suffers from severe dementia, had gone missing in NYC. He had contacted the NYPD and several missing persons organizations, and was putting up fliers in surrounding areas, but he also hoped the People of the Internet might be able to help him in his desperate search: Read More


Hello M’Lady: Hilarious Amy Schumer Video Skewers ‘Friendzoned’ Guys

"You can't win. But the app does send you a warning text when he angrily turns on you." (Screengrab via YouTube.)

Reddit functions as many things — a cradle for Internet memes, a hub for horrifying tales of bodily functions, a much-needed platform for Lil Jon.

But one of the most nefarious ways Reddit has influenced our culture is by providing a platform for men who believe they’ve been “friendzoned.”

What is the friendzone? It’s a pretend place that exists only in the imaginations of oft-rejected heterosexual men — and on a popular subreddit. Read More


Survey Pretty Much Confirms Your Assumptions About Reddit’s Demo

Not your average Redditor.

You’ve always known it, but now there’s hard numbers: Pew’s Internet & American Life project today released the results of a study which found that Anna Kendrick notwithstanding, Reddit is especially popular among young men. Try to contain your shock!

Researchers conducted a poll and found that six percent of adults online are Redditors. However, 15 percent of dudes 18 to 29 said they’re users, while a mere five percent of women the same age did. Men are, overall, twice as likely to frequent the site. Read More

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Michael Ian Black Does a Reddit IAmA, Fares Better Than Woody Harrelson

Michael Ian Black. Not actually a Furry. (Getty Images)

Reddit’s “IAmA” question-and-answer sessions can be thorny territory for celebrities brave enough to wade into the seething, snarking masses. Redditors who catch the scent of bald PR stunts can rhetorically (and gleefully) crap on promotions-friendly scripts and set them on fire. Comedian, author and naked traveler Michael Ian Black has just braved the wilds of the web’s premiere link aggregator and as far as we can tell, survived.

Reflecting on Woody Harrelson’s no-good, very bad Reddit experience a few months ago, Betabeat asked Mr. Black to comment on the session. Read More


The New York Times Covers Rage Comics; Goodbye, Rage Comics


The Times has published a definitive Internet Culture Piece a Year Too Late.

The victim: Reddit’s infamous Rage Comic meme. Though you can still find Rage Comics posted daily on Reddit, the joke was probably on the downswing popularity-wise a year ago. The following is the paper of record unwittingly sealing Rage Comics inside vast and unquiet catacombs in the bowels of the Internet where the ghosts of all past memes roam, to float sadly in the ether alongside the howling phantasm of Rick Astley and his 80s bouffant: Read More