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Couple Asks Reddit To Name Daughter, Reddit Does Surprisingly Great Job

Ah, the joy of not being named "Salad." (Wikimedia Commons)

Earlier this year, we reported on the possibly-insane husband and wife that asked the Internet — Redditors, in particularto vote on a name for their unborn daughter.

The husband set up, and invited People of the Internet to submit and vote on ideas for baby names. With names like “Cthulu All-Spark,” “Ixtley” and “Slagathor” topping the list, we were seriously worried for a while about this poor, un-named baby’s future. Read More

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Here are the 17 Greatest Moments From Lil Jon’s Reddit AMA

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We knew Lil Jon was good at making music (“Yeah!” was an instant classic on the mid-2000s bar mitzvah circuit), and that he also did pretty well on Celebrity Apprentice (yep, we watched that).

But as of yesterday, we now also know the 43-year-old rapper is capable of hosting the greatest Reddit AMA we’ve ever seen — yes, greater even than that guy with two dicks. Read More

It's All About the Bitcoins

Reddit Considering Accepting Bitcoin as Payment for Subscriptions

Mr. Wong (Photo: Quora)

With 3.8 billion pageviews in October alone, Reddit is still far from profitable, so it’s betting on a subscription model to keep the site free of traditional advertising. Last week, the site began ramping up its efforts to convince users to invest in Reddit Gold. For $3.99/month or $29.99/year, users can buy a Reddit Gold account that affords them extra features like the ability to turn off ads and view more comments and subreddits per page. Read More


Booting Up: Biodegradable Servers Edition

(Photo: Reddit)

With 3.8 billion pageviews and 46 million unique visitors, Reddit CEO Yishan Wong published a post to the Reddit blog asking users to buy beefed-up premium memberships in order to support the growing site. [Reddit Blog]

A handful of geography professors took some of the racist tweets sent out after President Obama’s re-election and mapped them. It will surprise no one that the majority of these tweets were clustered in the Southeast U.S. [Floating Sheep]

Facebook’s hardware team wants to build biodegradable servers. [Wired]

A project out of Microsoft Research translates English into Mandarin in the same voice. [Technet]

Now you too can own your very own Goatse email address. [Gawker]