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Wiki Co-Founder Creates ‘Wikipedia for News’ to Fight Bias in the Media

The newest news stand. (Dan Kitwood/Getty)

The grand jury decisions for the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases sent the media into a whirlwind. It was difficult to get a good sense of what was going on—with right-winged news outlets pushing one bias, left-winged pushing another, everyone aggregating everything and Facebook friends circulating falsities they read on Reddit. As our country erupted in discussion and protest, information was distributed through a buzzy media and Internet rumors. The “facts” weren’t as readily available.

To rid the public of this type of problem, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger made Infobitt, a free, open content news resource he’s calling “Wikipedia for the news.” No, it’s not Wikinews; this site grabs facts from news sources, summarizes them and organizes the information to make it a news go-to. Like our beloved online encyclopedia, Infobitt is a collaborative effort. Read More

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Steve Aoki Will Hold a Three Week AMA To Help Japanese Fans Understand His Songs


Western music is popular all over the world, but language barriers can make it difficult for foreign fans to lose themselves in the songs and shows.

To unite fans from the East and artists from the West, DJ and Producer Steve Aoki is endorsing AsQme, an AMA-style site where Japanese fans can ask Western artists questions to help them better understand their music. The Japanese-American electro house musician will host the site’s first AMA, which will start on October seventh and run for a staggering three weeks. Read More

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This Woman Got Paid To Snuggle Sad Old Divorced Men

KonekoPeach, former professional snuggler. (Imgur)

Reddit AMAs are incredible educational tools. They’ve taught us what it’s like to have two dicks; proved to us that Canadian stereotypes are all true; even illuminated Lil’ John’s fascinating opinions of snowboarding. And now, we finally know what it’s like to be a professional snuggler.

Yes, you’re reading that right: redditor KonekoPeach was not a professional smuggler, but a professional snuggler — as in, a person paid to crawl into bed with and wrap their arms around a lonely stranger for hours at a time, as she explained in an AMA yesterday.

She worked for a company called The Snuggle Buddies, which claims to be strictly non-sexual and charges anywhere from $60 for an hour-long snuggle sesh to $400 for a ten-hour overnight extravaganza. KonekoPeach seems to have generally enjoyed the experience, though she quit when she began to sense the whole thing was just maaaaybe a little sketchy and unsafe. Read More

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Here are the 17 Greatest Moments From Lil Jon’s Reddit AMA

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We knew Lil Jon was good at making music (“Yeah!” was an instant classic on the mid-2000s bar mitzvah circuit), and that he also did pretty well on Celebrity Apprentice (yep, we watched that).

But as of yesterday, we now also know the 43-year-old rapper is capable of hosting the greatest Reddit AMA we’ve ever seen — yes, greater even than that guy with two dicks. Read More

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Snoop Asked Himself a Question About His Own Weed Habits on Reddit

Mr. Lion (Photo:

Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, of course, took to Reddit today to answer some important questions in his very own Ask Me Anything thread. Mr. Lion told Redditors that the best show he ever played was at last year’s Coachella and that he smokes 81 blunts every day, seven days a week.

It was everything you’d expect a AMA with Snoop Lion to be.

But about halfway through his hive mind interview, Mr. Lion either got bored of answering questions or was just too high to keep going, so he decided to quickly quiz Reddit on his own weed smoking habits instead. Read More


Zynga Optimizes for Players Who Spend More Than $10K, Says Purported Former Zynga Engineer

The Future of Literature?

A person claiming to be a former Zynga engineer hosted an Ask Me Anything on Reddit last night. As proof, he or she submitted a snapshot of a termination notice and claims to have quit and have no axe to grind. Take it with a grain of salt, but Redditors and Hacker News users seemed to think the poster was legit. The person certainly talked the talk, dishing on everything from spying on users, to maximizing for profit at the expense of fun, to treating contractors like “second class citizens.”

Overall, the Q and A by user mercenary-games doesn’t end up doing Zynga any favors: they say Zynga releases unstable code regularly, is rife with brogrammers who can’t program, and affirmed when another user marveled, “it’s like the games play you.Read More