In Loco Parentis

Insane Couple Asks Reddit To Name Its Unborn Baby Girl

"Please don't name me Salad!" (Wikimedia Commons)

In what’s sure to be the first in a couple’s long line of fabulous parenting decisions, two soon-to-be parents have asked the Internet for help naming their daughter. 

With the approval of his (probably long suffering) wife, the husband set up, where users can vote for their favorite first and middle names for the unborn baby girl. 

The husband explained himself and appealed to potential voters on Reddit, because obviously: Read More


Booting Up: With Fab Cutting 80 More Jobs, Soon the Homegoods In Paramus Will Employ More People

Soon, this will be it. (Courtesy

Google said the number of user requests from government agencies has doubled in the last three years. [AllThingsD]

Fab axed another 80 employees yesterday as it continues its pivot to a Bed Bath and Beyond. [Valleywag]

Google reportedly gave Snapchat a $4 billion offer because saying big numbers is fun. [The Verge]

Under Armor scooped up app maker MapMyFitness for $150 million. [ReadWrite]

Nearly 62 percent of Reddit users read the site to get “news” thus blurring the definition of what qualifies as news. []

Because Why Not

Bill de Blasio Fields Personal and Policy Questions on Reddit

Bill de Blasio. (Photo: Getty)

Having stumped across the five boroughs, Bill de Blasio took his front-running mayoral bid to a brand new frontier today: Reddit.

There, the Democrat fielded inquiries in one of the social news site’s “Ask Me Anything” forums. Unsurprisingly, the open format resulted in some atypical questions, from his favorite pizzeria to the “perfect geometric balance” of his son Dante afro. Read More

Release the Memes

Boasting of 100M Monthly Unique Visitors, Imgur Sidles Out of Reddit’s Shadow

BRB, freebasing some memes.

Never let it be said you can’t build a business on viral images that’d make a Sunday school teacher’s eyes bleed. Today Imgur, the image-sharing site long considered the Gary Walsh to Reddit’s Selina Meyer, announced that it’s hit 100 million monthly unique users, landing the site at number 28 on’s ranking of top sites.

In a chat with Betabeat, the company’s leaders, CEO Alan Schaaf and COO Matt Strader, were careful to underline diplomatically all the ways Imgur has expanded beyond its role as the cobbled-together infrastructure of Reddit. Read More


Booting Up: Yahoo and Foursquare Might Hook Up and Swap Data

Eeeeesh. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Yahoo is reportedly in talks with Foursquare for a “data partnership.” Sorry it’s not an acquisition rumor, you guys. [BuzzFeed]

Speaking of Yahoo, the company garnered 196.6 million page views in July, beating Google by four million. Comscore rankings show it as the number-one website in America. [AllThingsD]

Last week, IT expert Khalil Shreateh exposed a major flaw on Facebook and posted it on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall. Since that violated the company’s terms of service, he was denied a $500 reward. The Internet did one better by crowdfunding him a $11,000 bounty. [The Verge]

Apple has lured a senior V.P. from Levi’s to lead its retail stores. [9to5Mac]

Reddit hates a lot of companies so here’s a list of them. [Daily Dot]