The Good Fight

Check In to Starbucks on Foursquare and They’ll Donate to the Fight Against AIDS

The goods.

So you want to make a difference, but Occupy Wall Street isn’t what it used to be and the beaches are finally open and frankly your tan could use some work. Well, good news. You can help raise money to fight the spread of HIV when you stop off for coffee on the way to Coney Island.

Starting today, Foursquare is partnering with Starbucks to raise money for (RED)’s latest campaign against HIV/AIDS. How it works: Every time a user checks into a Starbucks between June 1 and 10, the company will donate a dollar to The Global Fund (which is where (RED)-raised money goes.) You’ll even get a hit of those sweet, sweet gamification endorphins, in the form of a special badge (visible at left.) Read More