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TechStars NYC: Where Are They Now?

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Spontaneously (Summer 2011)

We feel a little guilty. We’ve been fickle and easily distracted. Last year, the first two TechStars NYC classes were all we could talk about. But when their programs ended, we kind of forgot about them and directed our attention to the newest TechStars NYC class. Shame on us!

But back in the day, those first 23 companies were all the rage. Like shiny new toys, they were exciting and fascinating. There was even a reality television show about them. So even though their three-month, highly-competitive startup accelerator program has ended, these companies are still around. They didn’t just vanish into thin air. (Well, some of them did).

But all of this begs the question, where are these companies now? How have they fared in the big, bad world? Did they flop? Or surpass expectations?

We didn’t know, so we decided to find out. And it turns out that we weren’t the only ones who were curious about what these companies have been up to. Read More


Red Rover Founder: “We Were on the Fence About TechStars”

nothing ventured

Red Rover, part of the inaugural New York TechStars class, is a four-year old, revenue-generating start-up that provides Facebook-esque student and alumni directories for schools and employee social networks for corporations–the kind of later-stage company you might be surprised to find in an incubator program. CEO Kevin Prentiss was unsure if the TechStars experience would be worth the six percent stake he’d have to hand over.  Read More

The Third Degree

Inside the Belly of the TechStars with Red Rover’s Tom Krieglstein

Tom Headshot - Cropped-Full Res

Red Rover is a revenue-generating, four-year old start-up that sells a Facebook-like platform to colleges that need student and alumni directories and corporations that want an employee social network. “Over 30,000 people use our software to connect to other people who share their passions and discover relevant information in their community,” the company says. The company, founded by Kevin Prentiss, has bootstrapped it so far. Betabeat talked to Tom Krieglstein, director of operations and two-time founder himself, about TechStars, hiring developers and raising Red Rover’s series A. Read More