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Startup News: Sumpto Tells College Kids How Popular They Are And Foursquare Adds Ads From Small Businesses

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A lil something for Sumpto Billing itself as the Klout for college students, Sumpto announced that it’s gathered $350,000 in investments from the likes of and Nick Brien, former CEO of McCANN Group. Sumpto uses students’s output on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to determine how influential they are among their peers. But Sumpto doesn’t want to just be “Klout for college students” – it wants to take into account each student as an individual and reward them for being themselves… as much as it’s possible to be any version of your college self and still be deserving of a reward. Read More

startup rundown

Startup Rundown: Citymapper App Wins Big MTA Prize and Jackthreads and RebelMouse Apps Are Now On Android

Jolly good show, old sport!  (Photo: Citymapper)

Citymapper crosses the Atlantic Yesterday AT&T and the MTA announced London-based Citymapper as the winners of this year’s App Quest competition, awarding them the grand prize of $20,000 and an extra $2000 for being the “Wish List App.” Citymapper integrates real-time tracking data across all of New York City’s various transportation methods, including subways, busses, and Citibikes. It also tells users how many calories they’ll burn on their trip, so they can decide whether or not to grab a slice on the way. Read More


Booting Up: Yahoo! Takes Up Residence in Another Newspaper Building

The Chron. (Flickr, by juliandunn)

After announcing they’d move into the old New York Times building, out on the West Coast Yahoo is relocating to the old San Francisco Chronicle, as well. [Bloomberg]

Next year YouTube will open a production studio right here in New York City. Also, mobile now accounts for 40 percent of time spent watching the site’s videos. [The Wrap]

Steven Levy, who gets so many behind-the-scenes stories we’re starting to suspect he’s actually a breaking-and-entering artist, tells of how the new Moto X happened. [Wired]

“But this data, and Quantcast’s, suggests that Tumblr’s presence on the internet, or at least a major part of it, isn’t growing, but shrinking.” [BuzzFeed]

Guess what? There’s a science fiction movie coming to theaters that’s got some actual science in it. [Fast Company]

RebelMouse, the NYC startup helmed by HuffPo mafia member Paul Berry, raised $10.25 in series A funding. [Wall Street Journal]

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Soho TechLabs Shuts Down Social Travel Site CasaHop

(Photo: Mr. Berry)

Back in April 2012, the HuffPo cabal-backed Soho TechLabs launched a social travel site called CasaHop that allowed users to “connect with people worldwide to trade homes for vacations and more.” Now, Soho TechLab’s CEO Paul Berry told Betabeat that the incubator is shutting down CasaHop in order to focus more on RebelMouse, a tool for building social webpages that has seen explosive growth in recent months.

“CasaHop never gained the traction it needed,” Mr. Berry told Betabeat by phone. “The timing was off. Airbnb is really in a winner takes all situation in this area. I hope one day someone is going to break out and make this an enormous idea because I love home exchanges, but too few people feel comfortable with other people staying in their place while they’re away.” Read More


RebelMouse, Former HuffPo CTO Paul Berry’s New Startup, Debuts Today

Welcome, welcome.

Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry has been working on a new startup since January, when Betabeat broke the news that he was leaving HuffPo. We knew it would be called RebelMouse and that it was a “social platform.” But we didn’t know much else about the stealthy site until today, when RebelMouse launches to the public.

RebelMouse is an easy personal website builder similar to, which pulls in information from sites like LinkedIn and WordPress, where a user may already be established. RebelMouse does the same for social sites—the goal is to be your “social front page.” Read More