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This App Lets You Secretly Leave Annoying Group Texts


Is there anything more annoying than being stuck in a group text about your second cousin’s bridal shower, and getting updated every time someone sends a message debating the pros and cons of bridal bingo? No. There is not.

Thankfully, there’s a new solution for that: GroupXiT, an app that lets you stealthily remove yourself from group texting threads you’re no longer interested in. Additionally, if there’s a person in the conversation who’s really annoying you — maybe someone’s using way too many wedding-themed hashtags — the app also lets you stop seeing their messages in the thread on your phone. Read More

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Online Series @SummerBreak is ‘Laguna Beach’ Told Through Twitter

World, meet Trevis. Trevis, world. (Screengrab: Instagram)

Just in case “Laguna Beach” didn’t GO THERE enough to satisfy you, Hollywood producer Peter Chernin has created a reality show that you can follow through the Twitter, Instagram and Vine accounts of nine teens.

That’s 27 accounts. Seems excessive, but when we were teens, 27 official platforms dedicated to “Laguna” or “The O.C.” would have induced tears of joy. Read More

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Show Biz Isn’t Done With You Yet, Startups: Here Comes Not-a-Reality-Show ‘Alley Girls’

Really, though?

The entertainment business has gotten wind of this whole startup thing and now there’s no getting rid of them. The latest attempt to cash in: a work-in-progress called “Alley Girls,” which is “a new series about women working and building companies in Silicon Alley.” Valleywag reports the project is currently seeking interviewees for a sizzle reel in the making, shooting next Thursday at the offices of Inc. and Fast Company.

But the creators (including Left Brain/Right Brain Productions) insist this isn’t anything like that Bravo travesty which shall remain nameless. No, they’d have us believe this is really more of a documentary project.  Read More

shameless rumormongering

Rumor Roundup: Mo Koyfman’s Icelandic Bachelor Party, Attack of the Silicon Valley Viewing Parties

Mo Koyfman

Bjorking Your Bachelor Party As a sign of just how many bachelor parties an up-and-coming venture bro is obligated to attend, during a recent PandoMonthly panel, Thrillist Ben Lerer said if he had to pick a totally ordinary superpower, it would be making sure his wife was cool with him going to bachelor parties. (To be fair, it took him a long time to come up with it, so it might not be that high on his list.) Hopefully his better half was understanding about a recent trip Mr. Lerer took to Iceland celebrate the end of singledom for Spark Capital’s Mo Koyfman.

The recently promoted general partner invited a number of other techies for the festivities, including cofounder Ben Leventhal and what looks an awful lot like Jakob Lodwick and Ricky Van Veen, who Mr. Koyfman would know from his days as an IAC executive “adult supervising” College Humor. Definitely present? Author and MSNBC cohost Touré! Mr. Koyfman tested hashtags for Instagramming his international excursion, trying out #koyfops before settling on #icemomo, although NYC yoga instructor Heather Lilleston also suggested #mochella. Read More


Bravo’s Silicon Valley Looks Like a Wildly Entertaining Trainwreck

(Photo: Tumblr)

Much ado has been made about Randi Zuckerberg’s foray into reality television with Bravo’s new series Silicon Valley. The show will follow the lives of a handful of fresh-faced founders as they struggle to get their budding startups off the ground from an outrageously gorgeous “villa” nestled in the San Francisco hills.

Today, The New York Times ran a new piece about the show, chronicling the self-righteous reactions Valley types have when Hollywood cameras burst onto their hallowed ground. There’s nothing new about this tsk-tsking: Area bloggers have long since clutched their pearls and baby-faced tech wunderkinds have already tweeted their disgust (“Yuck, please stay in LA”). But the piece does boast some juicy quotes that have us thinking Silicon Valley will be all that we’ve eagerly anticipated and much, much more. Read More


Newest Viral Marketing Scheme? Transmitting Tweets to Space

The Chasing UFOs team. (Photo: National Geographic)

It’s one thing to fake intergalactic advertising like the hoaxsters at Rolling Rock did back in 2008 with moonvertising, but actually carrying through with the plan is a whole other thing entirely. When the National Geographic channel heard about Tweets in Space, a program spearheaded by two artists who plan to beam tweets to planet GJ667Cc, they decided to jump on the bandwagon. But, of course, it’s not all in the name of science.

The Daily Dot reports that National Geographic has teamed up with Tweets in Space to transmit tweets with the hashtag #ChasingUFOs to promote its new show called–yes–Chasing UFOs. Read More