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Readability Now Freedability! App Drops Freemium Model


Readability is a close cousin of Instapaper: both beautifully and minimally designed “read it later” apps built right here in New York. The two have even collaborated. But while Instapaper’s Marco Arment dropped the free version of his app and now charges everyone $4.99, Readability just announced it’s dropped the paid version and making all its features, which included unlimited access to reading list, favorites and an archive, for free. Read More

Free Me Uhm

Readability Focuses On Free, Aiming to Enlarge Its Platform


You might not be a readability user, but chances are if you’re a tablet owner, you’re relying on their technology everyday.

“It’s a very popular tool,” says Rich Ziade, founder partner of Readability, about the text parsing tool the company developed under the Apache license. “When you’re on an device from Apple or Amazon and you click through to the article view, that’s Readability you’re using.”

Does he regret that his small startup won’t ever benefit from licensing fees these large tech giants could easily afford to pay? “I try not to dwell on the past,” said Mr. Ziade with a wry chuckle. “I think we’re still at the beginning of this movement towards a more readable web.”  Read More


New Dawn: What You Missed at New York Tech Meetup

nytm april 2011

Wednesday night’s New York Tech Meetup came in three minutes under the two hour limit, which was amazing considering there were 11 demos, a hack of the month, several announcements and a speech by new managing director Jessica Lawrence on the agenda, interspersed with midi-rendered Weezer songs that the 800 or so audience members mumbled along to under their breaths in the red seats of NYU’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.  Read More

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Tumblr Down as Foursquare Steps It Up, Plus Tonight’s NYTM Should Be Interesting

old-spice digg

This week in New York start-ups:

ADSTRUC WANTS YOU. The company that made it onto Betabeat’s list of 10 Disruptive New York Start-Ups for giving outdoor billboard advertising the Adsense treatment is looking for a front-end dev.

TUMBLR DOWN. That is all.

FOURSQUARE STOPPING UP THE CRACKS. Foursquare went all https:// today, a process that started more than seven months ago. The more secure protocol will safeguard users against simple hacks like Firesheep, a Firefox plugin released in the fall that made it easy even for non-hackers to steal passwords submitted over an unencrypted connection. To be fair to Tumblr, Betabeat did notice that Foursquare’s servers were down earlier today as well. Read More