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New NYPD Social Media Guidelines Say It’s O.K. to Use Fake Facebook Profiles to Monitor Citizens

(Photo: Inquisitr)

If you received a new friend request recently, and it wasn’t from a foreign spammer or a Taliban official posing as a hot chick, there’s now a chance that it’s an NYPD officer. According to the New York Daily News, the NYPD recently instituted its first official guidelines for using social media to benefit investigations, and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has decided that spying on people using fake Facebook profiles is a-O.K. Consider it the online version of stop-and-frisk. Amurica! Read More

Antisocial Media

Guard Your Facebooks and Twitters, NYPD Social Media Unit Is Now Official (Thanks for That, London!)


Back in June, Commissioner Ray Kelly revealed that the NYPD is just as likely as your ex-boyfriend to troll Facebook to see if you’ve been up to anything bad, at least the public events page. “We look at social networking. We’re very much focused on weekend parties,” said Mr. Kelly. Now, it seems, they’ve made it official.

Fresh off the heels of the Catch a Looter Tumblr that attempted to out rioters using political strife as an excuse to get a new iPad (or in some cases what looks like a Tanqueray bottle), The New York Post reports that the police have formed a new unit social media unit “to track troublemakers who announce plans or brag about their crimes on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.” In London, rioters have been using both Twitter and BlackBerry messages to find targets and outwit the authorities. Read More